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Hire Virtual Characters to Sell, Impress and Engage Online

Virtual assistants, avatars, and virtual characters can be hired with a click and may help the entrepreneur to achieve business success.   Using virtual characters is still a new way of thinking that requires a large paradigm shift.  For a quick review of virtual characters, we will reference an expert on the topic.

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Measure Sunshine

Sunshine can't be bought but you will see sunshine sold every month of the year.  Sunshine can't be touched but can be felt as a warm glow or a burning heat.  The lack of sunshine is instantly recognized and potentially perceived as a burden.

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A BIG Thank-You to Brown & Haley for ROCA and So Much More

The Great American Story can be told again with a 100+ year old company by the name of Brown & Haley in Tacoma, WA which started manufacturing Almond Roca 90 years ago. 

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Socializing is Better Than Networking

Networking is not as important to success as you may think.  Socializing is much more beneficial than networking.  The importance of people contact, friends and collaborators to an entrepreneur or small business owner may be more important than for big business.  The real you may not be very attractive but the real players in any room look deeper than you realize.

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Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

As to the challenge of the referral theory, I tend to listen to my own drummer. There are so many resources about marketing “advice” and I often wonder if it isn't best to keep thoughts under my hat.  Everyone has a theory and certainly there are books and workshops which can challenge paradigms. 

For 30 years my thought about referrals has been:  “Don’t worry about it”

Referrals are a symptom.  I believe if you are committed, have amazing service, and over the top with your delivery... you get referrals.  

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The Easy Linkedin Marketing "Cheat" Tactic for Email Marketing

Linkedin is not just a marketing tool used for jobs, creating authority, making connections, collaboration and recruiting.  Linkedin is also a way to create an "Oprah Effect".  In other words, you can offer value each day which over time makes people comfortable with you.  Your consistency in offering value each day determines your reputation.  Are you pushy?  Or you a con?  Is it all about you or do you have a mission of offering value?

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Shameless Inbound Marketing Tactics Guaranteed to Work [infographic]

There is no marketing like inbound marketing but to have an effective marketing plan you must know these shameless marketing tactics.   The infographic from Hubspot will keep you focused and feeling guilty (since they work so well):

Shameless Marketing Tactics Hall of Fame Infographic

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How to Use Personal Emails for Marketing Campaigns

This year you will write at least 50,000 words via email.  Each of your emails will most likely be sent to one person at a time for instruction, information and support.  Each email can be re-purposed for content marketing or other marketing campaigns.  Without doing so, you will not leverage the opportunity your emails provide for growing sales. 
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