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How to Use Personal Emails for Marketing Campaigns

This year you will write at least 50,000 words via email.  Each of your emails will most likely be sent to one person at a time for instruction, information and support.  Each email can be re-purposed for content marketing or other marketing campaigns.  Without doing so, you will not leverage the opportunity your emails provide for growing sales. 
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10 Ways to Increase Sales with Guerrilla Marketing [infographic]

Increase sales with guerrilla marketing ideas shown in this infographic.  You will not limit your marketing plan to just ten but after reviewing this infographic, I think there are at least a couple you missed:

  • Use analytics  - measure results
  • Retargeted advertising  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Improve the loyalty program  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Know your customers better  (the persona per inbound marketing)
  • Invest in mobile marketing  (guerrilla marketing)
  • Build relationships  (a foundation of guerrilla marketing)
  • Focus on localization  (think local)
  • Socialize your site  (inbound marketing)
  • Manage your reputation online (beyond a website)
  • Gamify your website with apps (be interesting)
Topics: Guerrilla Marketing Ideas