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Guerrilla Marketing Checklist & PR to Start the Adventure of "Famous"


Here is a potential guerrilla marketing checklist to get you started in the adventure of becoming "famous".  Guerrilla marketing works 100% of the time if executed well.

To that end, if you are starting from scratch and are hoping to become "famous" but low on funds (and in a hurry), this outline might prove helpful.  It is based heavily on guerrilla marketing tactics with an inbound marketing mindset.

A potential starting point:

  • 1)  Download mind map to sketch your thoughts: (free)
  • 2)  Change your primary business “location” to a local address. (Dominate the area)
  • 3)  Set up a phone number for this as well. Purchase a local or 1-800 number from (toll free is optional but you need a number, not your cell phone.)
  • 4)  Narrow the vision and message. Avoid "offer anything to everyone syndrome" Don't split yourself to multiple fields of expertise.  
  • 5)  Work on your mantra. (Better than a mission statement)
  • 6)  Find a successful “system” or formula you can emulate.  (Don’t recreate the wheel)
  • 7)  Do the research to understand and identify who you serve best.  
  • 8)  Write and publish an eBook.  Be sure to title it with keyword rich phrase and keep it relevant to your vision and those you serve best.
  • 9)  Create a professional website that will be appreciated and potentially shared by the press, potential sponsors, etc.  
    • There are no and low cost tools or you can try HubSpot free for 30 days. (Contact me first!)
    • Don’t dwell on being too creative and dreaming up your own style - emulate success.
  • 10)  Build a mindset of "Create a story, tell a story" to include press releases.
    • Options for free online press releases here > 
    • Depending on the persona of your potential sponsors and clients, press releases are “edited” content and may be the best way to go while the blog, website, etc. offer an opportunity to build trust and get leads.
    • “As seen in ……. news” offers opportunity to build authority.
  • 11)  Create and follow an outreach plan to get the word to organizations and potential sponsors about your availability be a guest speaker.
  • 12)  Create a strategic alliance with someone who has a large contact list. 
  • 13)  Create remarkable, relevant and helpful content:
    • Create videos weekly or monthly
    • Blog three times a week
  • Set up a radio show and broadcast every week …   30 minutes to share your vision and make your case.
  • Create three case studies to share success stories publicly. (Other than your own personal story.)
  • Do interviews with people in your field or industry. (Written, audio, video)
    • silver1 bullet 013s  You as the interviewer
    • silver1 bullet 013s  You as the interviewee  
  • 14)  Continue to use social media to connect and engage.
  • 15)  Write guest articles for relevant blogs and websites. 

This list will change based on the type of business you have, your goals, resources, skill and team. 

How does it turn cash and when?   

Which comes first? Chicken or the Egg? Should you focus first on the sponsor or client? Do you first focus on the activities that will attract a sponsor/client?

Steps one through seven are fairly straightforward though you may get stuck on #4.

Then the real work begins. 

There is no exact science and the sequence depends on many factors. You may begin to see results in 30 days, or it may take six months or more. Each plan is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all map.


You may decide to get started on your own with a website, blogging and social media, promotion, press releases, etc. Given time, you and your team can gain the skills and wisdom required.  

Or to expedite the process and limit the risk, you hire a pro.  If get stuck, contact me.

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