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A BIG Thank-You to Brown & Haley for ROCA and So Much More

almond roca clockThe Great American Story can be told again with a 100+ year old company by the name of Brown & Haley in Tacoma, WA which started manufacturing Almond Roca 90 years ago. 

Started by a couple of entrepreneurs who had a big idea in a little town.  I have to believe they did not know their company would grow to 62 countries around the world and become a tradition to be shared.  Almond Roca has become a multi-generational connection for families to have a least one thing in common (sharing Almond Roca).

Christmas is a favorite time of year for Almond ROCA but why wait for Christmas to make their day?  Each week I share the Almond ROCA (or Dark ROCA) with friends, clients, at networking events, during presentations.  The response is ALWAYS positive.  "That is my favorite." and "That reminds me of."  Everyone I meet h2012tin100years2as a story about the pink Almond ROCA can.  I have shared chocolate of many types over the years and no other confection or candy has prompted people to share memory or story.  Almond ROCA is more than something to gobble down in a moment, it is a symbol.

There has been something missing

What is missing is the BIG thank you to the team at Brown & Haley for sticking with it every day. To that end, here is a video from my friends to say:  Thank you for what you do:

"I don't know what to say"

Many have said to me: "Mike, I try to meet people, I don't know what to say." or "No one listens." and "My business is no better now than three years ago when I joined the membership."

If you are one who has said similar, then my answer to you is "Share ROCA".  There is not just Almond anymore.  There is a long list of flavors.  Don't start with Dark ROCA.  If you start with Dark ROCA, all other ROCAs may go unnoticed.  Dark ROCA is that good.

Walking into any room with a can of ROCA (your choice of flavor) brings you the opportunity to start the conversation like this:  "Hi.  Do you like dark chocolate?".  Rarely is the answer a negative. The fact that you did not begin the conversation talking about yourself already has you miles in front of anyone else.

Warning - Do not use for evil

The power of ROCA can be used for evil.  Manipulation and tactical use of ROCA for selling is not allowed.  You will be reported and your access to more ROCA may get denied. 

Count the ways to make their day

  • Boss - Make their day - for employees once a month (or week) with ROCA. 
  • Employee - Make the boss's day once a month with ROCA.
  • Networkers - Make the day of people you meet every time you enter the room.
  • Retail stores - You will have grumpy customers.  It may not be your fault.  Always have the ability to put a smile on their face quickly.
  • Restaurants - This is a big DUH.  Buy the ROCA in bulk at wholesale prices and share when people pay their check.  If you do this consistently, they will look forward to getting the check and feel good as they munch.  You might even be able to raise the prices.
  • Entrepreneurs - Keep a can of ROCA handy.  You are probably changing something again and don't notice that people are wincing just a bit from your BIG ideas.

I Wonder

What happens when 30 people attend an event and each one has a can of ROCA in their hand to share?  Hopefully everyone has a unique flavor and it becomes a big ROCA tasting party.

Please join me and say thank-you to the team at Brown & Haley for what they do.  (You do so by sharing another pink can of Almond Roca with someone to make their day.)

It's always your next move:

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What is YOUR story? 

Something funny, sad, profound or happy?  Please share in the comment below.  If you are a bit shy, feel free to email me your story personally at  

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