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AI Headshot Generators - Reality in a Nutshell

So much A.I.! (Automated software is now frequently referred to as A.I.) Consider that A.I. = Artificial Intelligence. There is a plethora of AI image generators which include headshots.

Before choosing new technology, consider the "old way" vs the new opportunity...

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Starting a Business: Become a Virtual Assistant

Now that the remnants of the pandemic are our new normal, a diverse group of people have been left seeking full-time, remote employment. While thousands of remote positions exist, many are not as flexible as needed, and even fewer offer an environment that promotes employee growth in the business. One of the work-from-home experts' best-kept secrets is the option of becoming a Virtual Assistant. Many qualified people are left in the dust with few resources on what they are and how to become one.

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Why I Almost Left My Job as a Senior Content Marketer to Work for Minimum Wage at McDonald’s

For the last 15 years I have worked as a content creator and copywriter, first for (what was then) the world’s leading ecommerce software provider and later for myself as a business owner. And today, I considered walking away from that to work for minimum wage at McDonald’s. Let me explain what happened...

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What Is ChatGPT - 9 Things To Know About ChatGPT

One of the top language models powered by AI created by OpenAI is ChatGPT. A Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model uses deep learning techniques to generate human-like text responses to various prompts. The model has been trained on a large corpus of text data from the internet and can answer questions, generate creative writing, and complete text prompts. ChatGPT can be used for various applications, such as chatbots, language translation, and text completion. With its advanced language understanding and generation capabilities, ChatGPT has become a popular tool for conversational AI development.

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Why Animation is a Secret Weapon of Successful B2B Marketing

In today's digital age, more than traditional marketing strategies such as print ads, billboards, and direct mail are needed to capture the attention of your target audience.

With the rise of social media and other online platforms, B2B marketers must find new and innovative ways to engage their prospects and stand out from the competition.

Enter animation. This dynamic medium has transformed how B2B marketers communicate with their audience. That’s what this blog post is all about.

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What Does Social Media Success LOOK LIKE?

This is a topic that is debated daily.

WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA INCLUDES: For many, the term "social media" includes blogs, microblogs, photo & video sharing, podcasts, ratings & reviews, social games, social networks, virtual worlds, wikis, etc.

Be cautious when reading 'social media'; definitions vary.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Each company/team must define its success. Since social media is a mechanism/tool a bit like a Swiss army knife, it can be many things, used in many ways.

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What is the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?

Marketing and advertising are two terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually have different meanings. Marketing and advertising are related but distinct concepts within the broader field of promoting products or services.

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How to Hire a Consultant

Hiring a consultant can be a great way to get expert advice and guidance on a specific project or issue. Here are some general steps to follow when hiring a consultant:

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This is how you use LinkedIn - Example by Larry LaMotte

Some people regularly "blow me away." Since I meet so many, it is difficult to list them here. Today Larry LaMotte (CEO/Founder of Recapturit) once again takes action and stands out as exceptional. By his actions, he models how to use social media in such a way that is beyond marketing.

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Executing a Plan With Success (Myth and Reality)

So often “it” is not an “emergency.” A faux emergency is easily created because someone makes a commitment (logical or wishful) that requires everyone to rush and scurry. “We must hit the deadline, whatever it takes!!” becomes a mantra and a pseudo emergency. (A faux emergency?)

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Have an Epiphany

We are looking for an “epiphany,” to know the answer. (Not fluff... the truth). It is not something we can buy, or be taught. There are too many days I wish for an "Epiphany Store," especially one with a drive-through window. 

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Should I Turn One Long-Form Article Into Multiple Pieces of Content?

Your article of 1,000 words to 3,000 words is profound, valuable and better than any Wikipedia page. You have many years of experience and believe "the answer" is within your content and you would like nothing better than to share it with the world.

Should you publish the entire article whole as-is?  Or divide it into multiple articles?

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