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3 Tips on How to be a Self-Starter

Now that we are well into the second month of the New Year, many of us are already thinking, “what have I accomplished this year?” If your answer is somewhere between “nothing” or “not much,” this quick get-up-and-get-working guide is for you.

When creating a plan to achieve long-term goals, people often become overwhelmed or intimidated by what appears to be a mountain of obstacles. To make the necessary changes, start small and keep it simple.

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Essential Merchant Services for Online E-Commerce Stores

In the news was another headline announcing a new record for online sales during the Christmas season. Each year their online revenue grows and its not too late for you to "open a store" online to take advantage of the shopping trends. A top priority is to get paid, but how? Let's review the basics of merchant services.

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The Truth is Out There

If you believe in something enough, you will risk your very reputation to hit the mark, accomplish a goal and achieve success.  You may believe your idea is worth a million dollars or possibly believe that "everyone" is out to get you.  Your may believe that you can sell 10 million widgets... though you have not yet sold even one.

The truth is out there and you want to believe... 

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Create and Sell Courses Online to Profit from Your Genius

Getting paid for your knowledge and wisdom may be an attractive path.  You have the expertise, a history of success and believe: “Knowledge empowers so learn and teach”. There is now a long list of options to create and sell courses online.

What you are looking for is a specially designed software system referred to as “Learning Management System” (LMS). A Docebo report anticipates that e-learning will grow to a $50 billion industry this year, thanks to double-digit growth in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. With hundreds of vendors, however, choosing an LMS isn't a simple task.

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How to Create an eBook Fast and Easy (free)

With the technology available today, you can create an ebook in any language quickly and easily to encapsulate information about a subject matter.  If you have a vision to conquer the world or change the community and want to share authentic information, this may be just what you are looking for!  One reason is that you don't have to write the ebook or pdf.  Experts have already done the work for you.

This will allow you more time to awesomize your business vs. writing content while burning the midnight oil.

Or you may simply need to put the information into a form which is accessable by your mobile device or possibly in print form.

Here is the step by step process for creating an ebook (for free) without the use of fancy software:

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