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Testimonials - Amazing People Say Kind Things

"Answers the hard questions"

david-dallaire.jpgMichael is a quick thinker who forces the entrepreneurs he works with to focus on what's important and to answer the hard questions they need to see what their future will be.

- David Dallaire, CEO - Fennec Marketing Group

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"Has a deep knowledge of traditional and online marketing experience"

mike-brice.jpg"Michael has a deep knowledge of traditional and online marketing experience. He has provided invaluable assistance increasing revenue and reinventing brand awareness for a variety of businesses. Michael has a positive and compatible personal style working with people and understanding the key issues that need to be addressed. Michael is a competent and professional advisor offering a wide and deep knowledge base to advise his clients. I strongly recommend Michael to my associates when they ask for a marketing advisor."

- Mike Brice - Brice Consulting

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"Deep expertise in marketing"

margaret-dorchester.jpg"Deep expertise in marketing. Upbeat personality. Delivers more than he promises. Fast to respond."

- Margaret Dorchester  CMC®, PMP®

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"Impressed by Michael's energy, creative solutions and commitment"

mike-pritchard.jpg"I've seen and been impressed Michael's energy, creative solutions and commitment for companies we've both been involved with."

- Mike Pritchard, CEO - Five Circles Research

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"Drive, Energy & Experience and a Strong Desire"

James-Murray-head.png"Michael has several things going for him including Drive, Energy, Experience, and a strong desire to help others succeed. His focus is not on the money he can make, but on help you fulfill your why. Meaning why you are in business. He is first focused on learning what you want, he easily fills in the gaps in knowledge and experience with his own background, energy and focus."

- James Murray, CEO - Business Cloud Services

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"Able to read situation to deliver excellent coaching or speaker session"

Stephenson Harriet"Creative, perceptive, able to read situation to deliver excellent coaching or speaker session. Diverse experiences...could help the bottom line financially as well as the strategic. Great with involvement and value creation while empowering the audience in speaker-trainer mode."

Harriet Stephenson Professor of Management at Seattle University and Founder/President The Village Net

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"... Has what it takes to work with us"

randal-dehart.jpgLot's of good solid information and yet it is remarkable how many business owners like myself are so entrenched in tried and true paradigms.

Hopefully some of the nice business owners who read your articles will have the good sense to contact you for more information because you relate well to nice people.

For the tougher crowd of business owners like contractors, restaurant owners, rodeo bull riders and such folks you are the ONLY choice because you have what it takes to work with us. And you know how to mix work and fun.

Randal DeHart, PMP, QPA

Construction Accountant To Small Construction Companies In The Entire U.S.A

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"Best Guy to Work With"

Michael is amazing!
I highly recommend him!!! ;)

Dani Smith
- Video Production at Pixel Dust Productions

Topics: Dani Smith

"Get maximum traction with your internet campaign"

richardwillisIf you want to get maximum traction with your
internet campaign make an
appointment with Michael.

Richard Wills - Owner-Northwest Advanced Medical Massage

Topics: Richard Wills

"Very knowledgeable..."

cindysimsMichael is very knowledgeable
at what he does and is someone to look
to for guidance with your business.

Cindy Sims - Aflac/Arbonne Independent Consultant

Topics: Cindy Sims

"I owe my success..."

wadestewartI have been following Michael's advice on business marketing and in no small part, I owe my success to the articles, comments and advice he's given me in the last year.

Michael has had incredible success in his professional life and we are enriched for his willingness to share it. Stay a while and listen to Michael, the return on investment is immense.

Wade Stewart - Managing Member at Stewart and Son Computer Services, LLC

Topics: Wade Stewart

"Sharp with inbound marketing"

lillybaxterMichael is a most elegant professional. He has taken the time to collaborate and brainstorm with me in order to help me retool my business after being out of the market for a while. He is very sharp with inbound marketing and puts forth ideas with enthusiasm and a sense of playfulness. Top shelf.

 Lilly Baxter.  Creative Services and Branding Enthusiast.

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"Excitement, experience and education makes him an asset"

shaunnestorMichael's passion for people is radiant! His mission is clear: help people first.  His excitement, experience, and education make him an asset when it comes to customer experience and online marketing.

Shaun Nestor - Inbound Marketing Consultant at Never Mind Marketing

Topics: Shaun Nestor

"Constant and Reliable"

marksonderMichael has personally assisted in the positive movement forward of our inbound marketing campaign. It is his patience with us combined with his consistent and reliable product that he delivers which makes us very comfortable working with him.  My company, Mark Sonder Productions, Inc. highly recommend him. 

Michael once told me it is his goal to help at least one person every (business) day. That translates into approximately 250 people per year that he has helped! WOW!!

Mark Sonder, MM, CSEP

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"Knows the most effective means of transforming them into raving fans"

stuschellMichael Hartzell is a marketing magician!  His years of experience as an award-winning business owner has developed a deep understanding of people and what makes them tick. He knows the most effective means of attracting them, turning them from strangers into delighted customers and transforming them into raving fans!  Michael is the rare exception when you hear, "sounds too good to be true".

Stu Schell, President, Schell Financial Solutions
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"Unique ability to move from strategy to execution at lightning speed"

robert collaborationMichael has a unique ability to move from strategy to execution at lightning speed--Truly a results oriented individual. Michael is a marketing expert who has found a niche in Internet Marketing and what it takes to create success for others out of a mantra of "making their day."

If I would have met Michael 10 years ago, I would have increased my ability to grow my business 10 fold; he is that good.

Robert Nitschke, Managing Partner, CollaborationHQ

Topics: Robert Nitschke

"Inbound Marketing Encyclopedia of Knowledge"

dike drummond“I always go to Michael for Inbound Marketing advice on my websites. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of what to do both on the web page and off the page to get prospects to find my site.

Michael is hard working, a great teacher, extremely generous and great fun to work with. I highly recommend Michael as a coach/consultant who will help your website get found and bring you more customers and sales.”  

Dike Drummond MD

Topics: Dike Drummond MD

"Visionary in Marketing and Promotion"

"Michael is a great communicator and a visionary when it come to providing advice in marketing and promotion. His background in the restaurant industry has given him a great deal of experience in traditional and guerrilla marketing. As traditional marketing efforts have changed, he has developed leading skills in social media and search engine optimization.”

Troy Hall, Co-Owner, Idaho Sportsman Lodge

Topics: Troy Hall

"Forward Thinking and Creative"

milesMichael is one of those gems that we come across in our lives that we are lucky to have found.  Michael is one of the most creative, forward-thinking and positive people I deal with in business, and he always delivers above and beyond expectations.  Fresh-thinking, innovative ideas and a willingness to roll up his sleeves and get things done. Michael is a treasured find for me and my business.

- Miles Austin

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"Changed my Marketing Paradigm to Embracing Inbound Marketing"

randal-dehart.jpgMichael Hartzell has changed my marketing paradigm from outbound marketing, telesales, direct mail, yellow pages, etc. to embracing a radical new concept of inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has been around for quite a while so it is tested and proven.

Having been in businesses for 30+ years and hired telemarketing firms, direct mail gurus, yellow page reps, newspaper, television and radio ads just to name a few I know the difference between professionals and amateurs; professionals cost less in the long run.

In the late 1990’s I spent hundreds of hours developing a market tracking system on Excel for one of our construction businesses which showed exactly which media was producing results, by zip code, and a whole host of demographic and psychographic profiles, cost per inbound call and a whole lot of other data to determine where to invest our marketing dollars. It helped grow that plumbing business to seven fully stocked trucks rolling down the highway generating substantial revenues. The internet and social media have marginalized outbound marketing and now is the time to embrace inbound marketing. The problem is there are a lot of well-intentioned people who believe they can help businesses with it and most of them can’t because they do not do what it takes to be a professional.

Michael Hartzell is a professional because he invests the time, money, effort and in-depth research required to become a professional in the inbound marketing arena.

My advice to you is visit his website: and contact him; you will be glad you did!

Warm Regards,

Randal L. DeHart, PMP, QPA
Topics: Randal DeHart

"Incredibly creative individual"

kareneddingerMichael is an incredibly creative individual who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs improve their business.  I pinch myself every day for having crossed paths with Mike. He gives up on no one.  We are operating with a whole new set of "rules" these days, and I feel fortunate to have found Michael to guide the way.

- Karen Eddinger - Managing Broker, RE/MAX on the Lake
Topics: Karen Eddinger

"An Overachiever"

gerry poe photo 3It is my honor to recommend Mike Hartzell.  Mike is an overachiever - for you. If you have the pleasure of working with Mike on your business and marketing strategies you will not only be rewarded by what he brings to the table, but the award winning way he mentors and coaches. Mike's dream is your success.  Tirelessly engaging in results oriented outcomes, Mike spends his heart and soul to help you achieve.

Gerald Poe | CEO - Santa Clarita Consultants

Topics: Gerry Poe

"Great Resources"

"... great resources Michael ! That's a nice one stop form shop you have at your site and very nicely put together....

Click here to connect with Vincent Mast

Topics: Vincent Mast

"Ultimate Resource for Inbound Marketing Campaigns"

richard-gabel.jpgMichael is the ultimate resource for inbound marketing campaigns. His knowledge of both online and offline promotional techniques is unparalleled. I recommend Michael's services to anyone needing help drawing the market to their website.

Michael Hartzell is the most giving person I have met. He is driven by an insatiable appetite to help others. To sit down with him is to be blessed by the presence of a man that will apply all of his knowledge and experience in an effort to help you be successful.

"Michael is a quick study of new businesses and has an uncommon insight into how to identify and motivate potential customers and clients. He can identify cost effective solutions to market access and looks for grand results, not grandiose campaigns. I have observed Michael develop strategies that fit the market and the personality of the entrepreneur forming an optimal path to success. He approaches business strategy and management with a balance of business fundamentals and leveraging the value of online tools and media."

 Richard Gabel - Owner, Meadow Creek Business Center

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"Highly Productive and Fun"

Monique_MacKinnon.jpg"Michael is like a breath of fresh air to work with. Each interaction with him is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Plus, Michael has that rare talent of being able to perfectly balance and blend lightheartedness with single-mindedness. This makes for a highly productive and fun business relationship. Bottom line is, if you're seeking an insightful, knowledgeable and entertaining virtual speaker, then definitely consider hiring Michael."

Monique MacKinnon

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