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Have an Epiphany


We are looking for an “epiphany,” to know the answer. (Not fluff... the truth). It is not something we can buy, or be taught. There are too many days I wish for an "Epiphany Store," especially one with a drive-through window. 

A story about a lone survivor, about an epiphany that saved his life:

John Kounios: The neuroscience behind epiphanies

With an epiphany, we have better relationships, motivated staff, response to our sales and marketing.  There is not a doubt that lives can be saved, new successes achieved.

People don't  help much.

We must think more deeply because people hide their realities. Even beyond what we see in the news, people are burdened, suffer, distracted and overwhelmed. 

i.e. You might meet a single mother of two children who went through a devastating experience. I tell the story in "I died at 55."

What we think we know – is rarely true or complete. Consider the possible barriers they face. Some issues may be imaginary but are still real enough to keep them from making a decision, taking action and having happy days.

There is always more to the story. People have their “secrets” that they want to keep to themselves. Fear, shame, risk, ego, can all play a factor. (Or for some, they don’t want to be a burden on others)  Shannon Thompson has an interesting perspective on people's secrets >

… too often, we believe in something unreal and make decisions based on face value, a faux reality.  What choice do we have if surrounded by spin, hype, pretenders and media mania?


Hopefully, we are developing a skill to have “empathy” and practice “perspective taking,” understanding that our “paradigm” may need to change (As Stephen Covey talks about in “7 Habits of Effective Managers.” )

We want something from others (money, cooperation, a click, a like, attention, gratitude, love, a referral, "the answer," etc.)  Without understanding the noise in their heads, what they want or need to overcome their issues, success will remain out of reach.  

Before the Epiphany:

This might not be as much about "having an epiphany" as it is about learning, experiencing, awareness, listening and mindfulness.  As John Kounios says in the TED@NewYork video, the answer (epiphany) may require you to "turn everything off." 

Not forever, just for a moment.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People
by Stephen Covey

The Wizard of Ads: Turning Words into Magic and Dreamers into Millionaires >  by Roy H. Williams

Four Steps to the Epiphany > 
by Steven G. Blank

The Power of Perspective Taking is Life Changing >
by Michael Hartzell

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