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A Story About a Duck

This is a story I have told many times. It is a funny story about a duck, success and thinking fast. (with a moral to the story)


A Story About a Duck

A Duck is walking down the sidewalk and stops at the door of a tavern.

The Duck asks the bartender: "Do you have any duck food?" 

The bartender replies: "Nope, there is no duck food here."

The Duck waddles off.

The Duck returns the next day and again asks: "Do you have any duck food?"

The bartender is losing his patience and replies: "NO DUCK FOOD!"

The third day, the Duck asks again: "Do you have any duck food today?"

The bartender throws down his towel and yells at the duck;
"No! And if you ask me again, I am going to take a hammer and nails and nail your beak shut and hit you on the head!"


The Duck waddles off..... a little sad and thinking hard.

On the 4th day the Duck pauses at the door.

The Duck carefully asks; "Do you have any hammer and nails?"

The bartender yells: "NO! I DON'T HAVE A HAMMER AND NAILS!!"

The Duck exclaims:  "Oh, good ... have any duck food?"


*** Pause for laughter....

Be like the Duck... keep going.  Never give up.  Keep asking.
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