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A Story About a Duck

This is a story I have told many times. It is a funny story about a duck, success and thinking fast. (with a moral to the story)

A Story About a Duck

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How to Name Yourself

Putting things in a nutshell for naming yourself. 

My name is ___

Things are so bad because…

I am awesome and this is how!

I am committed to doing good… and will conquer the bad!

Watch, cheer or join… just stay out of my way.

Watch the video below for an inspirational example:

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As a Leader and Expert, Why Are You Giving Away Your Face?

If you are a leader in your universe, why are you showing the world where you are at any particular day or time?  Each time you sign up for a new event, your face shows up as an attendee which distracts others from YOUR mission and expertise.

If a leader then puts your face in a place where the presenter is marginal in performance with the topic they preach & teach, does it not reflect back on you?

As a leader in your field, you will be tempted to create the "Oprah Effect" by joining everything online and spreading your presence far and wide.  Over time your face will become very recognizable and you may be hoping people will feel comfortable and reach out to you. 

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The 3 Biggest Sins of Building Business Relationships

Success…how bad do you want it?  My guess would be probably be pretty badly.  Business success is founded on the concept of building and maintaining relationships with other business people. 

Relationships hold a real value when it comes to business practices.  A recent network survey by the Referral Institute of over 12,000 business professionals from all over the world said that networking played a role in their successes -- and spent 6.3 hours every week in activities related to networking.  So what are some business relationship blunders you should avoid?  We recommend steering clear of these three big sins of building business relationships:

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How to Nurture Business Relationships

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you already know how important networking is to the life of your business. But it’s not just about creating relationships with key individuals, other businesses, customers, and vendors. Your ability to foster and maintain these relationships is what will set you up for the growth and long-term success you crave. So what should you be doing after the initial conversation, elevator speech, business card swap and handshake?

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Socializing is Better Than Networking

Networking is not as important to success as you may think.  Socializing is much more beneficial than networking.  The importance of people contact, friends and collaborators to an entrepreneur or small business owner may be more important than for big business.  The real you may not be very attractive but the real players in any room look deeper than you realize.

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