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What Does Social Media Success LOOK LIKE?

This is a topic that is debated daily.

WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA INCLUDES: For many, the term "social media" includes blogs, microblogs, photo & video sharing, podcasts, ratings & reviews, social games, social networks, virtual worlds, wikis, etc.

Be cautious when reading 'social media'; definitions vary.

BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Each company/team must define its success. Since social media is a mechanism/tool a bit like a Swiss army knife, it can be many things, used in many ways.

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This is how you use LinkedIn - Example by Larry LaMotte

Some people regularly "blow me away." Since I meet so many, it is difficult to list them here. Today Larry LaMotte (CEO/Founder of Recapturit) once again takes action and stands out as exceptional. By his actions, he models how to use social media in such a way that is beyond marketing.

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Rodwell Gobbercard is Almost a Success - With Business Cards & Social Media

This is a "true story" based on the stories from many. Maybe you know someone who has experienced something similar.

Someone (Let's call him Rodwell Gobbercard) is VERY excited because he now has business cards, and a special name tag to wear for networking meetings.

"Things are going to happen now!" Rodwell Gobbercard exclaims.

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Catching Fish With Strawberries and Cream

They look the other way, ignore your Facebook page, delete your email without reading and discount your interview. While your business is appears to visible, it might be intentionally ignored in the new world of media.

You take it personally because you took hours picking the exact photos for your website, the faucet for your AirBnB rental, the perfect font for your landing page. Perfection is ignored and it is all personal.

In reality, there is little seperation betweein personal and business.  This blur between personal and business warps our judgment and what appears to be so important may not be so.

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Linkedin Pulse & Why it Matters

LinkedIn turned into a content site with anyone having the option to write an article on Pulse. When they added Pulse, only influencers were invited. Now anyone can post an article. You can access LinkedIn Pulse here:

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Three Things to Know About Snapchat for Business Marketing

Today’s small business owners all share a common goal: to get more for their dollar and find the best strategies for small business marketing.  A newer app in the marketing world is Snapchat.  This app is much more than a simple photo and video sharing app. Since its debut in 2011, it primary use has been for fun, but Snapchat is evolving into a marketing tool that has a lot to offer businesses. Marketers who strive to find an out-of-the-box way to reach their target audience, especially those with a younger demographic, are especially seeing the benefits of using the app.  It’s the marketing wave of the future – 77 percent of college students are using Snapchat to send 400 million messages daily.

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8 tips for nurturing a lead and closing the sale [infographic]

While its best to be cautious with what others say and do in surveys, it is still good to keep them handy.  This infographic gives tips about how to nurture leads and get better results.  As you look at the infographic "Planting a Seed and Nurturing a Lead" you may decide its not for you because you are in a big hurry.  If you "don't have time to nurture" or gain the confidence of people you want to do business with, then prepare for the worst.  

This infographic will help you think twice about when, where and how you will engage people whether it be via social, telephone or email.

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Conducting a Successful Facebook Contest: How to Identify the Right Incentives

As you may have noticed, everyone seems to be running a Facebook contest of sorts these days. There’s good reason for this, as Facebook contests can help increase your customer base if you them right.

Key Takeaways you can expect from this article to help you with Facebook contests:

1)  Identifying if your business needs a Facebook contest
2)  Identifying your goals for conducting the contest
3)  Tips on selecting incentives for making your contest a success while ensuring you meet the goals you have set out.

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How running a business has changed vs. five years ago [infographic]

A simple truth:  Running a business is much different than five years ago.  Before you dive into the infographic below,  take off your old hat and mindset of: "This is how we've always done it".  A new survey data from Constant Contact, where they asked 917 small business owners to explain what it's like running their small business now compared to five years ago.  Then, in honor of National Small Business Week,  Constant Contact compiled this data into an infographic to highlight the study's discoveries about how running a small business has changed.

While your own business may vary from the infographic, it is important to stay aware of the new reality. Changes over the last five years have been mostly invisible.  The virtual world, mobile, and electronics continue to reshape how we live around the globe and we don't see a thing as the world morphs.

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Linkedin Infographic Reveals the Truth of Who Uses it and How

As of today, two people are joining Linkedin in every second.  Who are they?   Are you one?  Is it something to set up and forget about or a dynamic marketing tool?  Can a relationship really be supported on Linkedin? 

The infographic shows how most people on Linkedin have between 500 to 999 connections in their "network", use only the free account option and let their 1st level connection see their entire 1st level network. The most helpful feature is "who viewed my profile" followed by the automated suggestion tool: "people you may know".

Take notes from this infographic to better understand who you are connecting with and what they find most valuable:

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The Shift is Happening Now - Gary Vaynerchuk video


If you are not yet inspired to change, evolve, adapt or think differently, then you may never be.  The world has already shifted and you are living in the middle of enormous change. (Though most change is unseen)  In the future you will look back and realize when it happened and how you missed it. 

... Or you can watch the video and listen to Gary Vaynerchuk share how and why to think differently about the world.  This relates to both business and personal and you will want to watch it until the end.

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The Easy Linkedin Marketing "Cheat" Tactic for Email Marketing

Linkedin is not just a marketing tool used for jobs, creating authority, making connections, collaboration and recruiting.  Linkedin is also a way to create an "Oprah Effect".  In other words, you can offer value each day which over time makes people comfortable with you.  Your consistency in offering value each day determines your reputation.  Are you pushy?  Or you a con?  Is it all about you or do you have a mission of offering value?

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