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The Truth is Out There

If you believe in something enough, you will risk your very reputation to hit the mark, accomplish a goal and achieve success.  You may believe your idea is worth a million dollars or possibly believe that "everyone" is out to get you.  Your may believe that you can sell 10 million widgets... though you have not yet sold even one.

The truth is out there and you want to believe... 

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The Lure of Easy

Easy is the first choice because typically "easy" means less work, less time and less money.  Attempting to achieve success based on "easy" only to fail along the way brings to mind:  "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it".  This quote serves as a reminder that if a task or project is difficult, think of the difficulty in a positive light. 

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The Freedom Syndrome Test

Business ownership and being an entrepreneur is about “I am responsible”. At times, this is interpreted as “I have the total freedom to do what I want.”

Success stories rarely include major failures along the way, the proverbial blood spilled, families splitting, health failing and people harmed.  

The difficulties can be avoided if they did not have a syndrome that prioritizes theirr hunger for freedom.

My response to those wanting to start a business or become an entrepreneur "Avoid the Freedom Syndrome”

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Measure Sunshine

Sunshine can't be bought but you will see sunshine sold every month of the year.  Sunshine can't be touched but can be felt as a warm glow or a burning heat.  The lack of sunshine is instantly recognized and potentially perceived as a burden.

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I Died at 55

Oddly enough it was not the personal catastrophes, pain or losses that pushed me to the point of death.  It was instead, the people who believed, who believed in me more than I.

The biggest changes came from two things:  

  1. Introductions  - A friend or associate had just enough appreciation to introduce me to another who would change my life.


  2. Invitations - They would make an invitation and ask me to attend an event, a club, a meeting, a dinner, etc.

With each introduction and invitation, I have connected with people who leave me humbled and appreciative.  It was not the clever wit that helped to improve connections. Instead, they acknowledged and treasured commitment, compassion, loyalty and action. 

Where can you find such people who have a truly selfless commitment, loyalty and the willingness to take action?

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