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How to Have the Next Money Making Guerrilla Marketing Idea


To have a guerrilla marketing idea isn't so tough but it can't be done in a dark room sitting by yourself.  If you have ever been stumped, you will know my secret for a never ending flow of  great money making guerrilla marketing ideas. 

Do not mistake simplicity to mean it lacks power.  These are a few examples of how a successful guerrilla marketer gets a new idea:

  • Go into "Listen Only Mode" in meetings.  Use duct tape on the mouth if necessary. During the meeting, take a notepad, PC tablet or index cards and in one column write down the most perplexing questions people ask and in the other column write the ideas which are suggested in the meeting. (Don't remove the duct tape, just nod and write.)
  • Fake stand in a line.  When in line, listen to general conversations (again with index cards ready).  What are people excited about?  What are they buying?  What are they disappointed with?  Do they ever say: "I wish..."?  Post offices are good, busy restaurants are especially good.  Anywhere people are waiting in as a group offers plenty of ideas.
  • Sit in the car (not while it is moving) and listen to the radio (primarily the commercials).  In a very short period of time, the radio commercial tries to persuade you to do something with words and tone.  The message must be focused and inspiriting.  The rhythm of a radio commercial is not like on the television.  Each day there is a radio commercial that inspires a new guerrilla marketing idea for me.
    • Sitting in the car helps you to avoid distractions.
  • Ask kids under 10 years of age questions about what they think.  They have nothing to prove and are usually willing to be 100% honest.  Fortunately one of the gifts kids under ten years old still have is their imagination.  I am shocked at how many ideas they have spur new outside the box ideas which work.
  • Complaints.  When you are tuned in to complaints, they will be in every corner.  While people are generally positive, there is no holding back someone who was wronged by a company.  These complaints are easily solved and can become a message in the next guerrilla marketing campaign.
    • Once you hear a complaint, you are thinking "fix it" mode which becomes a part of your next guerrilla marketing idea.
  • The spouse.  Listen intently how their day went and how they were able to overcome the barriers.  What inspired them and what did they hear that was interesting?  What you must NOT do is tell them that you are secretly writing the next amazing guerrilla marketing idea you had because of them.  Your spouse is people too and fortunately they are probably in "honest mode" where he/she will tell all.  They will smile big when you say: "Oh?  What did you think when you heard that?"  He/she will be happy to know you are listening and interested.  

The next guerrilla marketing idea will be the result of staying very aware and participating in life vs. sitting behind a desk thinking.  Whether it be a news headline, complaint about a competitor or even an idea from a 10 year old, guerrilla marketing ideas are more of a mindset and perspective than a task.

Grab whatever it is that you use to take notes (Or you will forget) and pause and reflect about what you see and hear: "How can this be connected with my business and marketing campaign?" 

Oddly enough, for me there is ALWAYS a connection.  Yes, it is a blessing ... and a curse.  I have to wonder how you will get your next guerrilla marketing idea. 

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