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Get Referrals by Following the Law of Contribution

As to the challenge of the referral theory, I tend to listen to my own drummer. There are so many resources about marketing “advice” and I often wonder if it isn't best to keep thoughts under my hat.  Everyone has a theory and certainly there are books and workshops which can challenge paradigms. 

For 30 years my thought about referrals has been:  “Don’t worry about it”

Referrals are a symptom.  I believe if you are committed, have amazing service, and over the top with your delivery... you get referrals.  

Other thoughts that go along with this:

  • Don’t strategize relationships.
  • Be helpful.
  • Offer value.
  • Listen.
  • Make sure that people get what they need and want whenever possible.
  • Help 50 people a week with a tip, idea, form, gift… conquer the world and change the community.

Once people experience your acts/actions, they have something to talk about. If all they hear is talk, there is little to refer. Those who love what you have done, they will refer you.  Those who don’t … won’t.

This has been the case for 30+ years and has not changed because we have the Internet.

You know the truth of the matter is based on simple human nature.

Those who “do”, get referrals.  Those who "talk" about what they do... continue to hope for referrals.

The easiest way to get referrals next month is “Be committed to helping people get what they want and/or need.”

This may be the most important thought:

>  Do not help people for the reason of getting referrals.

>  Do the most you are able simply because you want others to achieve success and get what they need.

>  We don’t give 110% service to customers to get referrals, we do so to make sure they have their needs met.  Once they are over-satisfied, appreciation is shown in the way they feel most comfortable.

>  In essence "have no expections". Which leads us to the next thought...

The Law of Contribution: 

“The level of your success and happiness is proportional to the number of people you serve selflessly.”


Thach Nguyen  -  Thach Nguyen is the Founder and CEO of Thach Real Estate Group, company that serves people from diverse cultures and communities in buying, selling and investing in real estate. 

I am often perplexed about what people say and do: 

  • "I wish I could get more referrals and recommendations." and then begin to take months to learn how.

  • How many are hoping for referrals and recommendations but give very few.

How to get more referrals:  

Start with: "Don't Just Sell.  First Make Their Day!" 

Thach will tell you more in detail with his four steps:

  1. Connect with people and be interested in others.
  2. Find out what they are up to in the world.
  3. Contribute to them.
  4. Watch your golden dream and how it manifests.

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