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AI Headshot Generators - Reality in a Nutshell


So much A.I.! (Automated software is now frequently referred to as A.I.) Consider that A.I. = Artificial Intelligence. There is a plethora of AI image generators which include headshots.

Before choosing new technology, consider the "old way" vs the new opportunity...

The old process for professional photographs/headshots:

  1. We cut/style our hair in a special way to stand out.
  2. We dress up in a unique way to again... stand out.
  3. We stand in front of a green screen and pose with our body and head at many odd angles.
    1. There are times we sit/stand in environments that we never visit again.
  4. The photographer takes a plethora of photos.
  5. The professional photographer edits the photos using special proprietary software to shine the light on our best self. 
  6. They send us selected photos which have been edited/colorized/photoshopped.
  7. We select the images based on what we believe oozes the best of us. Approachable, friendly, intelligent, and trustworthy.

These new professional photos capture a special moment in time, when we can be at our best. We invest an effort in advance to be "just so" and the photographer uses whatever talent and skill they have to make something special.

Two types of people:

Those who are photogenic and present well via photographs need less photos, less photoshopping. (You know who you are.) 

Those who resist being photographed or have a poor self image likely need effort, more photos and more editing.  

Past attempts for solution:

  • Less talented professional photographers try to make magic happen – but they are not quite skilled enough to help those who need it the most. The result is "OK" and better than what the average person can create on their own.

  • Highly skilled/experienced professional photographers are expensive and some people don’t believe its worth it.

  • Self portraits - by friends, peers, HR, selfies.
         (After all, how much does it matter?)

And now?

The fact that we can take REAL headshots, feed them into automated software (AI) to be analyzed and automatically edited/photoshopped to generate something new – is not too much different than the many steps past professional photographers use.


The good news is that the new photos generated can be an inspiration, a new window into the future self of the person in the photograph. “That is my face and if I change my hair, glasses, jewelry, and garments… I can present myself as a new me.” Someone who did not realize their potential and had less hope can now take action to present well.


The automated software, aka "AI headshot generator", can take real photographs to create something realistic. (as realistic as what the professional photographer created with special proprietary software.)

Yes... they can 

Not "good enough?"

Professional photographers take dozens of photos to “get it right,” and the same might be needed for "AI headshot generators." It will be wise to take a variety of selfies to feed into the AI headshot generator, to make it "smarter," so it can create something more realistic. 

Your best self might be hidden because your skills were never developed. Not all of us are trained to present well in front of a camera. It takes practice.  

Use the mechanisms and resources (and helpers) to help you shine the light on your awesome. It might be a fancy highly talented photographer or an artificial intelligence tool.  

COST... yes.

The automated software "AI headshot generators" will have a cost. That is fair if the photos are great.  It is less expensive and faster than a professional photographer. (Though very talented professional photographer can't be beat by A.I.)

A couple of AI headshot generator options you might like to try:  


Stories, activities, participation include photographs. Photographs from professional photographs and "AI headshot generators" do not replace live action photographs that help to tell stories. The smartphone/camera is magical as it captures stories and touches hearts and minds.


Last thought. If you are recruiting, and your team is using photos that score a 4 or less out of 10 (10 being best), it will be an uphill battle. A team that presents as "doing the minimum to get by" will not encourage excellent candidates to consider a role. 

I am a fan of:

"Getting things done, and having fun." If automated software can help get things done, and raise the bar... I vote "yes."  If there is already excellence in place, where the best of a team shines... then we don't need no stinkin' software. 

100% of this article was created by a human.
The top image was created by A.I. with a little help from a human.


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