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Marketing and Selling to Doctors

You will refer your own doctor but as a general rule won't walk into just any doctor's office to get treatment.  

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Richard Gabel, it is his birthday today - Celebrate with me

Celebrations happen every day in the day of an entrepreneur.  A new idea, a new problem conquered or a new introduction made are part of the path to success.  Today (June 21), we celebrate the birthday of Richard Gabel.  In my world, Richard Gabel is a celebrity and trusted advisor.  Professional, personal, committed, knowledgeable and open minded are words which would not be enough.

If you are local to the Pacific Northwest, you have a big opportunity to meet Richard in person.  He does not juggle, do magic or stand on his head to get your attention.  In fact, he becomes a perfect example of how those who are most valuable may not be talking the most because they are busy getting things done.

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