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Stacie Clark

Recent Posts by Stacie Clark:

Four Warm Weather Guerrilla Marketing Ideas for Small Business

Summer is fast approaching, and small business owners may be trying to come up with creative guerrilla marketing to promote their business. wants to share some relatively inexpensive ideas that you can use to promote your business and attract customer loyalty.

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70% of Business Professionals Still Use Business Cards

According to an online poll, over 70% of business professionals still use printed business cards while an amazing 13% never use them at all, and 14% under-utilize their printed card. 

The poll numbers contradict recent trends where everyone has a smart phone, an iPod; iPad, or other portable device. Recently there has been much discussion in the business world about whether there continues to be a need for printed business cards.  Trends are shifting towards bumping devices and sharing information electronically through sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook; and some people are beginning to use digital business cards exclusively. 

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How to Hire the Best Printer for Your Next Marketing Campaign

The decision to order printed material to represent your business in an effective marketing campaign is a big one with much thought and time involved.  Frequently asked questions include:

  • What printer should I choose? 
  • What should my budget be? 
  • How can I know that I am getting a professional product at a reasonable price? 
  • What kind of customer service should I expect to receive? 
  • What do terms such as "4 over", CMYK and proof mean? 

This column is intended to introduce new entrepreneurs, as well as those who haven’t ventured into the realm of professional printers, to concepts they should know and understand when attempting to enter into a printing relationship.

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