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The Science of Social Media Marketing [video]

A lecture given by Dan Zarrella, HubSpot's social media scientist, at Harvard.  While time has passed, the science remains.  The screenshots from the video are meant to give you quick "ah-ha" moments.  If you have the time, you will want to watch the video. 

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Social Community Management Software for Paid Memberships


You are about to create your own group, tribe or community.  You begin first to look for community management software for paid memberships but pause for a moment and consider the pros and cons of creating your own community.

Managing a membership is much different than a social community membership.

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YouTube Marketing Data shows - 56 Million Views - 3700 Followers - 46837 Likes

Youtube marketing by the numbers.  As you can see, the video has been seen almost 57 million times and was uploaded on May 1, 2011.  This video on Youtube offers links in the video description area to the website, Twitter and Facebook fan page.

The video is not "professional" in that it does not has perfect lighting, perfect sound nor a studio setting.  I am sure those who are professionals who will critique the video marketing project as a marginal production. 

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Everyone Should Hire 'Social Media Experts'

The over abundance of media hype and talk about social media has many turning their heads away with the hope to avoid "more marketing".  On the other hand, partnerships and friendships are formed around the world daily over great distances due to the power of social media.  While Peter Shankman says he will never, ever hire a social media expert, there is another point of view.

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