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6 Great Ways to Lose Customers

You just might be making a mistake or two that’s costing you customers! Just a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits up to 95%, so it makes sense to find your problem and implement a solution before your business takes a hit.

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Six Tips to Hiring the Best Employees

Small businesses often begin with just a few family members or even as a solo venture.  Hiring strangers to take on integral roles and represent your business can be scary – but the economy is on the upswing and a recent survey even tells us that more than seven-in-ten businesses plan to grow their business over the next six months. So many businesses are finding themselves in the position of needing more employees.  As you contemplate how to hire a web designer or prepare to bring on an SEO specialist, consider these tips:

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The Internal Business Makeover

While your mind may be focusing on social media and how to make a Google+ brand page, it’s also the ideal time to simply spring clean your business. 

Its a great time to schedule your workplace cleanup, evaluate your processes and focus on making improvements – 27 percent of people in a recent survey said they feel disorganized at work.  

Here are just a few ways to organize your business so you can work more efficiently.

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The 3 Biggest Sins of Building Business Relationships

Success…how bad do you want it?  My guess would be probably be pretty badly.  Business success is founded on the concept of building and maintaining relationships with other business people. 

Relationships hold a real value when it comes to business practices.  A recent network survey by the Referral Institute of over 12,000 business professionals from all over the world said that networking played a role in their successes -- and spent 6.3 hours every week in activities related to networking.  So what are some business relationship blunders you should avoid?  We recommend steering clear of these three big sins of building business relationships:

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It's Possible to Run a Successful Business in Your Pajamas

Today, it is possible to run a successful business in your pajamas thanks to advances in technology.  Beyond just the convenience of running your business on the go, ditching the formality of an office setting offers a plethora of benefits.  From flexibility in scheduling, significant savings in overhead costs, the reduce of stress, and the fact that no one has to worry about lengthy commutes getting in the way of a productive day, more people are picking up on this phenomenon.  A recent survey of over 3,000 business owners found that many believe that by 2023, most businesses will be built entirely with teams of virtual workers.

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6 Tips to Be More Responsive to Customers

In an era of instant communication, information overload and search engines, word of mouth recommendations and customer satisfaction are more important than ever before.  Your online reviews ARE your reputation and how you handle Yelp, Zagat (Google+), Facebook and Twitter make the difference between success and failure.  It’s vital that your business responds quickly and efficiently to customer requests, complaints and questions.  Communicating with your customers across a variety of different channels, along with timely responses to inquiries and support issues, will help keep them happy, satisfied and ensure they remain customers.

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Four Ways to Reduce Stress and Increase Bottom Line

The end of the year tends to bring on feelings of nostalgia and reflection in all areas of life. People make personal resolutions to lose weight and set professional goals meant to ultimately improve quality of life. Sole proprietors and small business owners often sit down with a  calculator and crunch numbers to find ways to save money and increase revenue in the coming year. While cutting costs on utilities, using smarter marketing techniques and improving efficiency are definite money savers, there are some intangible factors, like stress, that affect bottom line too.

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Three Ways to Establish a Good Reputation

You may feel like you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders, especially when first starting out. Keeping up is not enough to build success. There are also marketing considerations to take into account – especially when it comes to brand reputation.

Whether you have a product to sell or services to offer, it is vital to establish a good reputation with your potential client base. It is unwise to assume that consumers will automatically view you in a positive light. There is a certain amount of wooing that comes with the new business territory. Like any part of a small business strategy, setting up an accurate and effective view of your services can make a big difference in revenue.

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