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Take Action on Your Innovative Ideas with Infographic Software Tools

The next big idea will happen at the most inopportune moment and the idea you share will no doubt get immediate resistance. This leads to arguments and potentially the need for pursuasion and selling. (which is time you could be using to take action on your idea).

The most creative ideas can quickly die a quiet death when  "I have a million dollar idea!" turns into squiggles, chicken scratches and unintelligible dribble that only the author can understand.

PowerPoint and other powerful tools can become an arsenal to confuse instead of creating clarity.

With a primary goal of "speed to market and personalization", learning sophisticated software does not always empower an innovator to start NOW.  

If you have a plan to make an  impact, conquer the world or change the community, you will recruit others to join you in your mission:  investors, staff, peers, advocates, potential customers, cheer squads, advisory board members, and more.  They will appreciate your enthusiasm but will need more than a lame squiggle to get it done.

With PowerPoint experience and 200+ tools in my toolchest, it is more difficult to get my attention with new free or low-cost software.  If you can show me a way to help people make more impact by taking action on their ideas without a steep learning curve, you get my attention.

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Do You Like to Talk vs Write? Hire Someone to Transcribe the Audio

You like to talk and while you have writer's block, you never seem to have talking block.  You think like lightning and words are always available.  The alternatives to talking are slow in comparison and include writing, typing, sign language, and morse code.  You look at a keyboard and say "no thanks" (But the smart phone looks very appealing.)

Since the average human hand-writes at 31 words per minute for memorized text and 22 words per minute while copying, writing is out of the question.  Much too slow. 

An average professional typist types usually in speeds of 50 to 80 wpm, while some positions can require 80 to 95 and some advanced typists work at speeds above 120 wpm. 

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Why I Love TheBrain for Business, Personal & Fun

When talking with someone about business, I can attach a page inside TheBrain which includes marketing, planning, brainstorming and presenting.  It is more useful for business than a Swiss Army Knife.

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5 Marketing Collaboration Tools to Boost Your Online Strategy

There are countless tools for everything in marketing, so many that it can be very overwhelming.  Many small business owners admit that they are still not using modern technology – only one in ten business owners know how to use online advertising to market their product.  However, using tools for marketing and collaboration is necessary – and easier than ever. Take a short pause from learning how to use Google+ and focus on finding the marketing collaboration tools that are best for your marketing efforts.  Here are five online collaboration tools to help you stay organized:

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Throw Away the Old Spreadsheet, Try

What may be better than a spreadsheet is  You often ask why it's difficult to use a spreadsheet on your iPad or PC Tablet.  (Think Smartsheet)  You don't want to be limited to data and software on your one computer.  (Use Smartsheet online)  To share your valuable spreadsheet online with others and control access, add Smartsheet to your toolbox.

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Don’t Leave The Airport Without These iOS Apps

Anyone who has ever traveled on business knows that unique brand of anxiety that comes from being away from the office for extended periods of time. Sure you can call the office to check and make sure the place hasn’t burned down or you can send an email just to check in, but there is still a disconnect. Thankfully there are plenty of iPad and iPhone apps that allow travelers to stay connected to their office, even from across the globe. Here are a few of the best:

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The Web Tools Guy - Miles Austin

Miles Austin is The Web Tools Guy. Miles Austin is also a sales and mobile marketing technologist with an extensive tech sales and leadership background.  Miles is great at taking the essence of the sales process and finding a software tool to improve its effectiveness. Miles will remind you in his training that prior to selecting the best web tool it is important to look at processes.

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ERP Questions Answered and a Move to Cloud Computing

At what point does a small business owner get questions about ERP software answered?.  (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)  ERP software is NOT simply accounting software.  With enterprise software, business leaders attempt to analyze the business quickly with one commonality in reporting.  To get the questions answered about enterprise resource planning software, we have turned to the expertise of Gerry Poe. 

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Founder of Yotpo Shares Best and Worst Experiences during a Startup

The Best and Worst Experiences
During the Startup of Yotpo

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The 6 Best Screen Capture Software Tools

Here is a short list of the best screen capture software tools for business owners.  There are other screen capture tools but these will provide great documentation and support along with a very short learning curve helping you avoid time consuming training.  I personally use either Snag-it or Jing most often, but as a fan of Faststone, it is tough to ignore their product, Capture. 

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Remove Business Risk: Malware | Anti-Spyware | Backup

Business Computer goes down.  Cost will be $2000.  This is calculated from your time and effort to fix it (three days), new software, computer repair bill (after you can't fix it), loss of data, loss of customers, and loss of awareness.  I bet you can't go six months before a major computer bug will zap your business, leaving you with a wish for an unattainable success.

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30 Software Tools for Creating, Producing, Promoting & FUN

As an entrepreneur (& addicted marketing guy) I have little desire to be a "programmer" or "coder".  Instead I keep an arsenal to help me keep business faster, easier, simpler (& funner).  I will not always search out the "best" for the same reason I do not drive a Jaguar or live in a mansion.

Functionality, ease of use, and quick learning curve are all a consideration.  AND I love free.  I started using many of the tools on the list below for free, and have since upgraded (i.e., 'the Brain').

I share these with you because I wish someone had shared them with me when I was starting.

In alphabetical order, these are software programs and tools I use.  It is not all inclusive, but to list everything I have in my arsenal may overwhelm you.  I bet you have not heard of a few of these.  (It is a long list!)

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