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How running a business has changed vs. five years ago [infographic]

A simple truth:  Running a business is much different than five years ago.  Before you dive into the infographic below,  take off your old hat and mindset of: "This is how we've always done it".  A new survey data from Constant Contact, where they asked 917 small business owners to explain what it's like running their small business now compared to five years ago.  Then, in honor of National Small Business Week,  Constant Contact compiled this data into an infographic to highlight the study's discoveries about how running a small business has changed.

While your own business may vary from the infographic, it is important to stay aware of the new reality. Changes over the last five years have been mostly invisible.  The virtual world, mobile, and electronics continue to reshape how we live around the globe and we don't see a thing as the world morphs.

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Workforce Planning Study Shows the Greatest Concern in Business

The greatest concern of business owners and exectives is shared in the infographic below.  A majority are concerend about recruiting and hiring the right people.  Many will avoid or delay recruiting to avoid hiring the wrong person.  Which has more serious consequences?  Slowing down the hiring process is less risky since there is a possiblity that the "wrong person" might be hired.

What is the reason for not adding more staff?  Uncertainty of the economy stands out as the number one reason.  The infographic paints the picture.  Read between the lines.

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The Small Business Tax Infographic from

The small business owner is feeling the tax burden but may be unsure of how or why.  The biggest challenge to small business owners is complying with government regulations.  The has created this infographic to shed some light on the subject:

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The Most Important Mobile Payment Infographic Ever

Smart phone technology is leaving many wondering about mobile payments.  Questions from both sides of the transaction regarding how a mobile payment will work keeps many on the sidelines.  If only there was an easy to understand infographic that showed details about mobile payments.

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SBA Infographic - Number of Businesses Opening vs Closing

The Small Business Administration was close to being eliminated in 1996.  For almost 60 years the Small Business Administration (SBA) has been helping businesses get their start by offering an array of services. 

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61% of Male Students Say Games or Toys Sparked their Interest in STEM

Are games a waste of time?  Games may be the path to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  This infographic shows how 61% of male STEM college students say that games or toys sparked their interest in STEM; the top factor for men.

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