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The Shift is Happening Now - Gary Vaynerchuk video


If you are not yet inspired to change, evolve, adapt or think differently, then you may never be.  The world has already shifted and you are living in the middle of enormous change. (Though most change is unseen)  In the future you will look back and realize when it happened and how you missed it. 

... Or you can watch the video and listen to Gary Vaynerchuk share how and why to think differently about the world.  This relates to both business and personal and you will want to watch it until the end.

Are you going to be a hunter or farmer?  Or do you have a split personality?  Farmer during the morning and hunter in the afternoon?  Did you take away something as people in the audience raised their hands to Gary's questions?  The most valuable take away might be the questions Gary asked and the number of hands going up.

The next step requires a list, a calendar and a method to get educated by experts who can give you the real scoop. 

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