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"Now Hiring" at HubSpot

Labor Day has passed us by and yet not everyone is laboring happily. Are you awesome but still waiting for a someone to recognize your skills and talents?  There are opportunities available and hopefully your fear won't keep you from taking a next step.

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How running a business has changed vs. five years ago [infographic]

A simple truth:  Running a business is much different than five years ago.  Before you dive into the infographic below,  take off your old hat and mindset of: "This is how we've always done it".  A new survey data from Constant Contact, where they asked 917 small business owners to explain what it's like running their small business now compared to five years ago.  Then, in honor of National Small Business Week,  Constant Contact compiled this data into an infographic to highlight the study's discoveries about how running a small business has changed.

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Silver Bullets and Factpinions - Hubspot vs. Margie Clayman

Pause and ponder about a blog article on Hubspot which shares a case study from a customer who did both a TV Superbowl ad and inbound marketing with a blog.  The Hubspot article is aggressive with assumptions to make a point and the other is out to break down the inaccuracies of the first, point by point.  Both have good points to make, factpinions, and both challenge the status quo.

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Every Performance was Perfect - Why Not Me?

At the end of the day, you evaluate.  You studied hard, practiced, trained, and had the very best execution.  Perfect in every way, you say the right words, look perfect and there is nothing you would change.  The website is attractive and the packaging is glorious (from your viewpoint).  The offer is astounding and the feedback from your friends and associates is "go for it".  Everything is perfect and you strut confidently knowing that you are "the one and only".

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Insanity or Perseverance? Which do you Choose?

You are told from those who achieved success:  "Stick with it.  Don't give up.  Persevere."  There are no signs which say your idea and investment will the path to success. 

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Seattle Hubspot Users Group

Open invitation to join the local Seattle HUG. www.seattlehug.com

Why Should You Join the Local Seattle Hubspot Users Group? (Seattle HUG)

Meet fellow HubSpot customers, VARs, and HubSpot employees!

Local Hubspot User Groups "HUGs" are organized by customers who meet every-other-month with the purpose of becoming the smartest marketers they can be. They are great for keeping up-to-date with software and best practices, so you can get the most value out of HubSpot.

This is even more important since Hubspot continues to add new features and applications at a very rapid pace.

Each group is a local community that meets to discuss marketing trends and new HubSpot software tools--and how to use them!  Each group serves as a platform to experiment, learn, and share ideas.

It is pretty easy to join the local Hubspot User Group.  You can do it with a click:


After you join, you will have the opportunity to connect with marketers and small business owners.  Mastering Hubspot's software goes much quicker when you have others to compare notes with.

If you are a Hubspot user, live in the Pacific Northwest and are interested in getting more leverage from your Hubspot software, this is the perfect group for you.

If you any thoughts or questions, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and contact me

Are you interested and ready to join the Seattle HUG?

Click me  



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Hubspot Webinar Inbound Marketing and SEO

This inbound marketing Hubspot webinar touches on many points about SEO (search engine optimization).  Mike Volpe is an expert at his trade and does an excellent job with breaking down the information so that almost anyone can learn something.

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Inbound Marketing Results

Does inbound marketing work?  Below is a video with search statistics, a graph which shows the organic traffic results for the last 15 months using inbound marketing, and a recent news article which talks about smart companies investing millions of dollars into a company committed to inbound marketing.

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Social Media Science Webinar at Hubspot with Dan Zarrella

You do social media marketing for business? Meet Dan Zarralla.  Dan is a social media scientist.  He talks about unicorns and rainbows.

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Questions and Answers on LinkedIn About Marketing via Hubspot

Below are questions being asked and answered on LinkedIn.  I found them via the Social Media Tool in Hubspot software.  Each day my Hubspot dashboard shows what is relevant based on the keywords I have selected.

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