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Larry LaMotte

Larry LaMotte

Larry LaMotte is not the guy who knew what he wanted to be since age 7. No, he is trained as an Architect with the heart of an entrepreneur. He built his own home. He has worked since age 8: paper routes, farm work, bike taxi, singing telegrams, bouncer, waiter, carpenter, designer, consultant, mentor, facilities manager, career counselor, business owner, with a couple of self-reinventions. He plans to live to 120. ReCapturit® is the current culmination of his work.

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ikigai - your life's true purpose

That star in the center is what the Japanese call one's "ikigai," your life's true purpose.

The origin of the word ikigai goes back to the Heian period (794 to 1185). “Gai comes from the word kai (“shell” in Japanese) which were deemed highly valuable, and from there ikigai derived as a word that means value in living.”

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