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How running a business has changed vs. five years ago [infographic]

A simple truth:  Running a business is much different than five years ago.  Before you dive into the infographic below,  take off your old hat and mindset of: "This is how we've always done it".  A new survey data from Constant Contact, where they asked 917 small business owners to explain what it's like running their small business now compared to five years ago.  Then, in honor of National Small Business Week,  Constant Contact compiled this data into an infographic to highlight the study's discoveries about how running a small business has changed.

While your own business may vary from the infographic, it is important to stay aware of the new reality. Changes over the last five years have been mostly invisible.  The virtual world, mobile, and electronics continue to reshape how we live around the globe and we don't see a thing as the world morphs.

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Rules for Teachers from 1872

Random thoughts from minds of leaders:  Business and life is confusing. No matter how many rules I make, no one seems to follow them.  Can't everyone see how smart I am?  Why is it that it takes for long for them to "get it"?  The options seem limited between "Your fired!" or do it myself.

Stop for a moment and look back to 1872.  The rules that teachers had to follow in 1872 will make you re-think your own circumstances.  Who would make such rules and surely no one was following them.

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Evolution of Marketing - From Antique to Tech Tools to Social

Pause and review the evolution of marketing in the table below.  Antique marketing tactics can still work but the once powerful tools of the past seem slow and clumsy.  Slow and clumsy can be effective but ten times the work and more expensive.  Just as the old hand saw can get the job done, the new chain saw soon puts the old woodsman out of business. 

Is the true barrier of the old woodsman who sticks with the old hand saw the tool?  Or is the real barrier to success related to an open mind and applying the five essentials to business success?

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