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Empowering People to More #Tell&Show

People are not 'getting it'. You talk, teach, sell and hope someone will take action... but they continue on with the same habits.

Students, employees, peers, prospects, customers, the boss, patients, your children (and even your parents). They are stuck in old unhelpful paradigms because they don't know enough, or they are unwilling.

IMPORTANT: There are people who think they know everything! If this is the case, watch the video at the end of this article: "How to Train People Who Know Everything" by Arthur Carmazzi

To make a a difference, to move people to a better reality, we rely on the common term: "Show & Tell."

But I am thinking it shouldn’t be referred to as "Show & Tell"’.
It should be called "Tell & Show".

"Tell" someone the goal, the how, the plan.
Then model the behavior – "Show" them with real activities. (aka demonstrate)

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Create and Sell Courses Online to Profit from Your Genius

Getting paid for your knowledge and wisdom may be an attractive path.  You have the expertise, a history of success and believe: “Knowledge empowers so learn and teach”. There is now a long list of options to create and sell courses online.

What you are looking for is a specially designed software system referred to as “Learning Management System” (LMS). A Docebo report anticipates that e-learning will grow to a $50 billion industry this year, thanks to double-digit growth in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. With hundreds of vendors, however, choosing an LMS isn't a simple task.

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Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition to Transcend and Ignore the Rules

Knowledge Empowers so Learn & Teach - but awareness and caution are needed first.  Each person has their own world view, expertise and method for learning.

Take, for instance, the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition.  The model proposes that a student passes through five distinct stages: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert.

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Guerrilla Marketing Training Course

Guerrilla marketing relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.  Since most entrepreneurs are re-inventing budgets and methods to build business during tough times, guerrilla marketing tactics may be the answer. 

Jay Conrad Levinson is the father of guerrilla marketing. You too can acquire the skills needed to double business with a class or coaching from a guerrilla marketing trainer and coach. 

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Free Educational Resources and Practice Tests at Varsity Learning Tools

You have seen tutor signs similar to the one above and while their entrepreneurial commitment is appreciated, you will move on to another who has more skills.


"Learn" is one of the four "Ls" in "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" by Stephen Covey. (Live, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy) When a person stops learning, part of that person dies. Learning is more important than many realize. I highly recommend the book by Mr. Covey.

Free Educational, Training and Testing Resources

Free educational resources are available at Varsity Learning Tools. Over 75,000 professionally have written problems and thousands of distinct practice tests across 150 subjects. This includes subjects like history, math, foreign languages, and science for all experience levels.

This is especially important now for more professionals who compete in the world where the youth appear to be more "up to date". Those of us over 42 years of age know this is NOT true but must still find ways to prove that we are not antique dinosaurs ready for pastures.

Varsity Learning Tools also offers practice tests and problems for common standardized tests like the ACT, SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, ISEE, and SSAT.

40 million

To date, students have completed more than 40 million problems on the Varsity Learning Tools platform. Each question is tied to a specific academic concept, which means your students can pinpoint their particular strengths and weaknesses in almost any area.

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20 Videos in 20 Days condensed into 20 Minutes - Alex Goldfayn

Waiting 20 days to watch 20 videos is too long to wait. Here you have all 20 wrapped together and watch them in 20 minutes. Marketing tips at their best from Alex Goldfayn.

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Education is broken - CodeCademy is Building Education for the World

While Codecademy is the topic, this is about you and your inability to understand even the simplest things in regards to your website or online marketing.  For instance, <b>your text here</b>  wlll turn the text bold as you see here:  your text here

Simple enough, don't you think?  The came can be said for other very simple terms such as <center> or <u> or underline. 

Instead the entrepreneur "gets by" because there is a belief it is "difficult" or too expensive.  It does seem a little silly to spend big money on an expert coder to do simple things which can be done in seconds.

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A Small Business Opportunity for Entrepreneurship at 50+

The Encore Entrepreneurship Course will help you discover how to turn your entrepreneurial idea into a business reality.

Life after 50 opens the door to many opportunities and new interests, and being retired or near retirement may give you the time, resources and experience that will allow you to be more passionate about these than you have ever been before.

It may be time to find the answer to the “what’s next” question you’ve been pondering. In fact, we’re seeing a growing number of people over the age of 50 – we call them encore entrepreneurs – look to small business ownership as their next big opportunity. Think of it as a great concert. What’s the best part? The encore!

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Mentorship Programs that will Benefit Your Small Business

Mentorship programs are not advertised on TV, the Internet or radio.  Your small business or your soon to be open business has obstacles and you may resort to rubbing a lamp hoping for a Genie to pop out and provide the perfect business advice.  Without funds, how can you expect to create a win-win with any business consultant? 

You have a strong motivation to start a business or the business you own is not yet successful.  You have a vision and your abilities/skills/talents stand out in the marketplace or your product is already in demand.  You are strapped for cash because of the crazy economic times and possibly your house has burnt down. 

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