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The Disconnect Between the Media and the Real World

A week ago you read the story and watched a video on FOX News.  The dramatic news story made a point that things are bad...very bad. And things are going to get worse.

David Lightfoot is in the thick of business reality and offers his thoughts and perspectives regarding the "fiscal cliff":

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Free Tools to Help Small Business Comply with Laws and Regulations

40,000 new laws went into effect this year.  It is impossible for a small business to perfectly comply with laws and regulations.  There are too many variable, the laws change without an email notification.  If you are not well read and staying in tune to the requirements, it is easy to get behind the game.

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The Small Business Tax Infographic from

The small business owner is feeling the tax burden but may be unsure of how or why.  The biggest challenge to small business owners is complying with government regulations.  The has created this infographic to shed some light on the subject:

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Starting a Freelance Business – How to Take Care of Legal, Tax and Contractual Paperwork

If you are new to freelancing or thinking of becoming a freelancer, you’ll no doubt have lots of questions, especially about the legal and regulatory paperwork you need to obtain and manage throughout the business year.

Freelancing, particularly if you are unincorporated, is one of the least paperwork-intensive forms of business ownership. Nevertheless, you are still a business and you need to be sure you have the right licenses or permits, make estimated tax payments on time, report your earnings each year, and deal with client paperwork such as contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and more.

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The Difference Between a Trade Name and a Trademark

During the evolution of your business, there can be confusion about the trade name and the the process of business name registration.  What is the difference between a trademark and tradename?  Is there legal branding protection with a trade name?  Can a trade name be the same as your trademark?

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Small Business Lending is Improving: Tips for Finding and Securing the Right Loan

If you are looking for capital to finance your startup or business growth, many signs suggest that lending markets are showing renewed vigor.

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SBA Infographic - Number of Businesses Opening vs Closing

The Small Business Administration was close to being eliminated in 1996.  For almost 60 years the Small Business Administration (SBA) has been helping businesses get their start by offering an array of services. 

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Mentorship Programs that will Benefit Your Small Business

Mentorship programs are not advertised on TV, the Internet or radio.  Your small business or your soon to be open business has obstacles and you may resort to rubbing a lamp hoping for a Genie to pop out and provide the perfect business advice.  Without funds, how can you expect to create a win-win with any business consultant? 

You have a strong motivation to start a business or the business you own is not yet successful.  You have a vision and your abilities/skills/talents stand out in the marketplace or your product is already in demand.  You are strapped for cash because of the crazy economic times and possibly your house has burnt down. 

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