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Multi-hat CEOs

The fewer people you have working for you, the more “hats” you wear.

If there is not enough revenue to support a financial advisor or accountant, one hour the entrepreneur/CEO keeps track of finances and may clean the toilet in the next hour.

This might be irritating? Who went into business to get involved with the “little things?” Wasn’t the objective to make decisions and come up with broad strategies and create success?

The reality is that the best entrepreneurs thrive in a multidisciplinary, multi-hatted role ...but the one-man-band business model limits the potential for success.

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A Big Surprise for the New Entrepreneur

Congratulations on your decision to go into business for yourself! (Or maybe you are an idea away.) Not everyone has what it takes to follow their dream. Entrepreneurs are unique individuals. You have likely spent hours, months, even years planning.

You feel SO prepared.

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10 Apps and Tools for Entrepreneurs to Write a Winning Business Plan

You are highly motivated; you hear others say ‘you are a genius, and you just had a million-dollar idea. Even with a genius idea for a new business, you know the importance of getting your idea down in a well thought out plan. It is no secret that a majority of business startups fail in the first four years.

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5 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Stay Motivated

The bravest souls quit their jobs to pursue a dream of turning their passion into profit. Considering the time it takes to achieve success, passion can easily fizzle. There is a point of no return when it is too late to stop because so much has been invested.

We are not going to give up on a dream just because we are feeling tired; we have to find a way to bring back the energy and commitment we originally had for this endeavor.

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The "Representative from Amazon" Offers a Website that will Bring You Thousands of Dollars

This one of the offers you might get by phone today.  The FTC says that Phoenix-based telemarketers bilked consumers out of millions with fake promises of free grant money and internet business opportunities.


The caller says he represents Amazon and is offering you a website that will bring you thousands of dollars in commissions when people use it to link to and make purchases. The caller says you need to pay fees — ranging from several hundred to several thousand dollars — but that you’ll earn your money back, and more, in 'no time'.

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Do this Entrepreneur Savvy Test BEFORE you start a business

Are you thinking that it would be great to work for yourself?  As an entrepreneur, do you feel that you may have more choices and the opportunity to "get rich"? How many times have you looked in the mirror and said: “It’s time to say goodbye to the boss”?

While you may have a great talent and/or the idea of the century, there is more to being successful as an entrepreneur. There is a mindset, some call it a personality, and I would call it Entrepreneurial Savvy.

Most entrepreneurs have good energy, are persistent and no doubt create resources where there seem to be none available. Creative problem solving is included in their arsenal along with the ability to make decisions. I often refer to them as being “M.A.D.” (M.A.D. = Making A Decision).  Many times you will see entrepreneurs who have a great ability to motivate, persuade and inspire others, which are all aspects of a good leader.

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The Theory of Success - Jesse Henry at TEDxFSU discovered the formula

When its a theory, does it matter? The theory of gravity exists and we take the existence of gravity as a fact. If we have enough science and proof behind the theory, it soon becomes a fact. At this point, with a plethora of corroborating evidence, the TEDx talk below by Jesse Henry should in reality be a "Fact". Which might change the title to "The Facts and Reality of Success".

Fair warning, Jesse Henry will begin with a "rope-a-dope". Instead of feeling resentment, you will have an appreciation of his perspective and it will draw you in.

Watch Jesse's TEDx video to learn the three  things that catalyze success:  

Perspective, Strategy and Execution. 

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The Freedom Syndrome Test

Business ownership and being an entrepreneur is about “I am responsible”. At times, this is interpreted as “I have the total freedom to do what I want.”

Success stories rarely include major failures along the way, the proverbial blood spilled, families splitting, health failing and people harmed.  

The difficulties can be avoided if they did not have a syndrome that prioritizes theirr hunger for freedom.

My response to those wanting to start a business or become an entrepreneur "Avoid the Freedom Syndrome”

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How CEOs Start Their Business [infographic]

CEOs took part in this year's annual survey of companies on the Inc. 500. 

  • 45% said their biggest pitfall in the first 12 months was having too little startup funding.
  • 46% percent dipped into their own bank accounts to get business off the ground.
  • 47% launched their businesses with a partner.
  • 12% had issues with said partner.
  • 57% called home their office because they couldn't afford a real one. 
  • 52% worked more than 80 hours a week.
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Fighting With a Hanky

We are Musketeers.

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Achieving an Excellent Culture or a World Class Product - Which Comes First?

An excellent culture might be perceived as a form of "perfection".  At what point does one draw the line, point and say: "Now we have achieved an excellent culture." Once the line is drawn, the excellence achieved, a few will be looking over their shoulder more worried about the achievement of culture vs. the people, purpose and profit of the organization.

Do you look around an organization you lead, are a member of or work for and ask yourself "how long will I put up with this?"  If so, you will not find the answers internally. The answers are external and yes, you can have an impact on the culture at almost any level.

Defined: Organizational culture is the behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviors.

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Starting From Scratch

You have skills. Others tell you that you are are a genius. You have decided to take advantage of your talents. and think "If I am such a genius, why not add to my income and monetize my deep expertise?"  

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