The 7 Sentence 
Guerrilla Marketing Plan

The 7 sentence guerrilla marketing plan for your onlline and offline marketing.

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The 7 Sentence
Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Here are the questions to create your seven sentence guerrilla marketing plan for your online and offline marketing:

guerrilla-marketing-image.png1)  What is the physical action you want people to take in response to your marketing?  

For example:
 >  Buy

 >  Complete an online form
 >  Call 800 Number
 >  Free trial
 >  Register
 >  Telephone call
 >  Text
 >  Visit a website
 >  Physically visit a business

2)  What is your competitive advantage?

3)  What is your particular target audience?

4)  What 10 guerrilla marketing weapons will be used?

5)  What is your special niche in the market?

6)  What is your identity?

>  This needs to be automatically honest
>  This is based on truth vs. a brand based on a fancy.
>  What do you want people to remember?

7)  Your marketing budget will be  X% of sales?

Answers to these seven questions will keep you moving forward in the marketplace and focused on key factors that improve your marketing effectiveness.

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