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Empowering People to More #Tell&Show


People are not 'getting it'. You talk, teach, sell and hope someone will take action... but they continue on with the same habits.

Students, employees, peers, prospects, customers, the boss, patients, your children (and even your parents). They are stuck in old unhelpful paradigms because they don't know enough, or they are unwilling.

IMPORTANT: There are people who think they know everything! If this is the case, watch the video at the end of this article: "How to Train People Who Know Everything" by Arthur Carmazzi

To make a a difference, to move people to a better reality, we rely on the common term: "Show & Tell."

But I am thinking it shouldn’t be referred to as "Show & Tell"’.
It should be called "Tell & Show".

"Tell" someone the goal, the how, the plan.
Then model the behavior – "Show" them with real activities. (aka demonstrate)

“Tell” fills the mind with new knowledge.
“Show” as a follow-up gives people ‘ah-ha’ moments, a realization: Empowerment.

There is probably no better example than blowing bubbles. 

People don't typically take action following “Tell”.
... but they are inspired and more ready to take action after “Show”.

“Tell & Show” is the right formula for empowering others.
What is probably missing when training fails is not the "Tell", it is the "Show".

That is my story and I am sticking to it.

This is why video is 10X more helpful than text.
When creating a video – “Tell” can happen, and “Show” can be included.
Text can “Tell” but a human still needs more.


Before you do, get your head on straight. Watch the video:

"How to Train People Who Know Everything"
- video by Arthur Carmazzi

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