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Online Business Model Checklists for Your Success

What is your business model online?  How successful will you be if each of the tasks you see on the business models below were on your personal to-do list?  Can you be an expert in each of them?  How long will it take to become proficient? The Internet is not simply a phone book and is much more complex than you may realize.

Below you will see a variety of business models which you may be using.  As you look at each type of business models, understand how these might match your needs. 

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What's Most Important on a Website for B2B Buyers

Recent research shows that B2B (Business to Business) buyers are looking for ten things when visiting a website.  

This survey can become your checklist for serving those who visit you online.

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Education is broken - CodeCademy is Building Education for the World

While Codecademy is the topic, this is about you and your inability to understand even the simplest things in regards to your website or online marketing.  For instance, <b>your text here</b>  wlll turn the text bold as you see here:  your text here

Simple enough, don't you think?  The came can be said for other very simple terms such as <center> or <u> or underline. 

Instead the entrepreneur "gets by" because there is a belief it is "difficult" or too expensive.  It does seem a little silly to spend big money on an expert coder to do simple things which can be done in seconds.

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How to Maximize with Visual Content Marketing

It's obvious that visuals are a necessary part of a success formula for marketing online.  With so many options to "add an image" or "post a video", images stand out dramatically vs. bad graphics (or no graphics).  

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The Ultimate Income with Automatic Recurring Billing

For customers to automatically make payments with recurring billing, you will need a merchant account which offers this option.  By offering the option to have regular payments with automatic billing, customers have one less thing to be concerned about and can instead pay attention to the more important things in life.

Here are three easy options for automatic recurring billing:

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8 Secrets to Successful Online Events


Online events via webinars, virtual meetings, podcasts and online meetings are growing.  Easy to attend, no road time and the ability to "watch it later" is very attractive to both the participant and the event provider.

Here is Marketo's Senior Director of Marketing, Maria Pergolino, draws on her experience with online events to share how to make yours a success.

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Three Ways to Establish a Good Reputation

You may feel like you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulders, especially when first starting out. Keeping up is not enough to build success. There are also marketing considerations to take into account – especially when it comes to brand reputation.

Whether you have a product to sell or services to offer, it is vital to establish a good reputation with your potential client base. It is unwise to assume that consumers will automatically view you in a positive light. There is a certain amount of wooing that comes with the new business territory. Like any part of a small business strategy, setting up an accurate and effective view of your services can make a big difference in revenue.

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Negative Online Reviews, and What Your Company Can Do About Them

Summary: Consumer review sites are constantly growing in prevalence and in influence, which means that a negative review can be disastrous for a small business.

In this article, we will:

Examine the ways in which online reviews can be influential to consumer behavior;

Discuss methods for minimizing negative reviews; and

List some methods for properly addressing reviews as they materialize.

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What Types of Advertising Can be Purchased Online?

Online marketing ad spend exceeds print advertising.  Are you aware or ready for online to dominate?  Online advertising appears to be much easier since it only takes a few clicks to create an advertisement and another click shows the results in a matter of hours.  With simple processes in place to "order advertising", the Internet has too many curtains, yellow brick roads and, of course, wizards.  The Land of Oz has nothing on the Internet in regards to the imaginary which can be made to appear real.  It is much too easy to turn a great marketing plan into an empty checkbook by clicking on another online marketing campaign.

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The Best Email Marketing Services List for Business on the Planet

That is a pretty brave claim to say this is the best email marketing services list on the planet!  If you think not, please point out another.  Included here are free email marketing service options along with options for large volume companies.  I threw in a few fun email tools to keep it interesting.  Never again say, "What are the options to send customers email?"  Or, "What email management systems are out there?"  At last count, there was 138. At least 10 are free.

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