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Bad Website Landing Pages and How to Fix Them [infographic]


The word an entrepreneur loves to hear is "yes" and it comes from faith, trust and curiosity. A landing page is a moment of decision where seven short seconds can make all the difference. As the seconds click by, here are barriers to getting a "Yes! I will complete the form and give you my real information!":


2No one
call to action


4Headline does not
grab attention,
or is missing

5Landing page
too long to load

6There is no testing
being done
to know what is working


Here is an infographic to review seven landing page flaws and how to fix them:

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

The purpose of a landing page is to have an exchange, get an introduction and make a connection. As landing pages have become a standard tool by which to "build a list" and no longer a new idea, it is tougher to stand out and be trusted.

If it is not obvious your website landing page has more to offer than what can be Googled easily, skip creating a boring website landing page with a form and just give away the offer with a click. Or do work and build something to make your offer worth enough to a stranger that will compel them to take a risk with you.

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