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Confidentiality Agreements - Keep it Top Secret with an NDA

A hand-shake agreement where both parties agree to keep things between them is replaced with a confidentiality agreement.  Such a document could be vital to protect your company (or person).   When egos. drugs & alcohol, dissappointments and greed are involved... human nature takes over.  "What the mind knows, the mouth wants to disclose."  Another more serious risk is related to unethical opportunists who work inside a company.

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A Woman's Paradox: 71% of Moms are in the Workforce [infographic]

The unique challenges facing today's working women drives many out of the workforce and into an entrepreneurial venture.  There are two option:  Continue to carry the burden and live a paradox, quit and be a stay at home mom or start a small business which offers more flexibility and balance of life.

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3 Steps to Successfully Turn Family Members into Employees

There is no denying the potential perks of hiring a member of your family.  With insight into their strengths and weaknesses, an established level of trust and a desire for both of you to succeed, employment within your kin seems like a no-brainer.  But before you start adding your loved ones’ names to your payroll, prepare and protect yourself from these possible pitfalls.

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Unlocking Generational CODES by Anna Liotta

Whether you’re a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial (Gen Y), Unlocking Generational Codes by Anna Liotta will change how you perceive others and enhance your relationships with everyone you know.

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Workforce Planning Study Shows the Greatest Concern in Business

The greatest concern of business owners and exectives is shared in the infographic below.  A majority are concerend about recruiting and hiring the right people.  Many will avoid or delay recruiting to avoid hiring the wrong person.  Which has more serious consequences?  Slowing down the hiring process is less risky since there is a possiblity that the "wrong person" might be hired.

What is the reason for not adding more staff?  Uncertainty of the economy stands out as the number one reason.  The infographic paints the picture.  Read between the lines.

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How Stress at Work Causes Death [infographic]

Stress is not only holding you back from being successful, it may be literally killing you.  If you are an employer, it is on your shoulders to stay very aware of the work environment to know the the staff is stressed.

What is interesting is that collaboration can reduce stress and by doing so, potentially save jobs and lives.

To this point, take note on the infographic which talks about how middle age workers who have poor relationships with their colleagues are 2.4x more likely to die sooner.  One solution is:  Go Power with Greenlight Thinking, to change the culture of your company.

That said, the data shows that bosses had no ties to an early death.  Sorry, I hope this is not dissapointing to you.

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