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What to Offer on a Website for Amazing Results


What will it take to get a yes?  Not just a nod of the head, but action in the form of an introduction.

What it takes has been referred to as an ethical bribe, bait, an offer, a bargain, something free and by many other names.  I like to think of it as something valuable that will have high impact and make their day.  You can do it online, in a radio spot, by phone or on the TV.  The reason the Internet is a great option is because of the cost and convenience.

If you have any to all of the offers on the list below, you increase your chances of getting an introduction.


Case study (constructive and helpful)







Scoring sheet



List (To solve a problem)

Event - Presntation

Free sample


A map (For hidden treasure)


Caution:  If you have never climbed a mountain and are offering a checklist for how to climb a mountain, you will never be given a second glance.  

Now that 'anyone' can create a website page online and grab/collect/capture contact information, it is more important than ever to have authority, credibility and trustworthiness. Social proof is helpful and awards or associations can 

Quick assessment:

Your website, which acts as an online flier, might replicate your message but does it offer something so compelling that people are willing to take action and make an introduction?

You have the resources already:

Any of the above items may take hours and hours to create.  I would be willing to venture a guess that if you are truly an expert, you have something in your briefcase already.

You may have noticed I did not include "free consultation" on the list.  While you might say your consultation is worth $1,000, to most it is just another opportunity for you to sell your stuff.


Would you like to learn more about how to have more adjectivity?  Here is "The Authoritative List of Simple Adjectives" you can use for enhancing your content, headlines and titles:

"The Authoritative List of Simple Adjectives" is free and available via instant download.


As you can see, this offer is a list and potentially solves a problem.

If you are writing and working diligently with the hope that people will call you out of the blue and say "You are so awesome, let me write you a check", think again.

Offering something unique and relevant will give people a better understanding of both your character and your expertise.

They will not contact you because you have a flier online unless your business has "proof of awesomeness". 

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