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Workforce Planning Study Shows the Greatest Concern in Business

The greatest concern of business owners and exectives is shared in the infographic below.  A majority are concerend about recruiting and hiring the right people.  Many will avoid or delay recruiting to avoid hiring the wrong person.  Which has more serious consequences?  Slowing down the hiring process is less risky since there is a possiblity that the "wrong person" might be hired.

What is the reason for not adding more staff?  Uncertainty of the economy stands out as the number one reason.  The infographic paints the picture.  Read between the lines.

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The good news is that a majority are playing it safe.  During times like these, there is a truck load of talent ready to work.  When times have been best have been such times. Hire the talent and shoot for the stars while the others stand still and wait for something better to happen.
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