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Which Offer is Best for Landing Pages During the Buying Process


Which are the best offers to use on a landing page?  The answer varies based on the visitor and what phase they are in during their buying process.  Since no two people think the same, we can break down them down into three basic groups:

  1. Awareness:  People have either become aware of your product or service, or they have become aware that they have a need that must be fulfilled.

  2. Evaluation:  People are aware that your product or service could fulfill their need, and they are trying to determine whether you are the best fit.

  3. Purchase:  People are ready to make a purchase or take action very close to making a purchase.

Here is a decision making map to help you better understand what offers to use for each type of person:

buying process vs offers

The graphic shows what phase a person might be in and potential offers that would be helpful to them. This is meant only as a guide or a tool to prompt new thoughts. By no means it is all inclusive nor does it provide the exact answers.

Having more understanding of the people, what they want/need, how they make decisions and what phase they are in during their buying process has become more important than ever.  The old days of "blasting to everyone" or broadcasting is still possible but more expensive and not as effective.

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