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The Lure of Easy

Easy is the first choice because typically "easy" means less work, less time and less money.  Attempting to achieve success based on "easy" only to fail along the way brings to mind:  "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it".  This quote serves as a reminder that if a task or project is difficult, think of the difficulty in a positive light. 

This is such an important topic to Frances H. Breakspear that she wrote a book.

if it was easy everyone would be doing it

If everyone is providing easy products and services, what is the chance your business will compete?  If it is competitive, how can there be a perceived value if your product or service is lumped together with so many others that reach for "easy" products and services?

What is easy: 

  • Talking before thinking.
  • Clicking a ReTweet without visiting or reading the link.
  • Clicking "Like" on Facebook.
  • Walking away when there is a disagreement.
  • Whining vs. doing research and investigating the why.
  • Learning and studying vs. creating and producing.
  • Sitting and listening to a webinar vs. planning, producing and presenting a webinar.
  • Sitting and listening to a workshop vs. planning, creating and presenting a workshop.
  • Let people fail first, then follow up with criticism vs. being pro-active by executing an action plan.
  • Waiting to hear what others opinions are and agreeing with the majority vs. doing research and forming an opinion regardless of how unusual.
  • Writing a blog without a graphic.
  • Watching TV vs. teaching someone something new.
  • Using a toothpaste machine vs. squeezing.

automatic toothpaste dispenser

  • Copy and paste articles and redistribute the same content over and over across the web.
  • Automate emails, social media and phone calls.
  • Cooking microwave dinners, frozen dinners and canned food.
  • Firing someone over the telephone vs. in person.
  • Not creating a video.
  • Giving up is easy.

The list goes on.  It is a daily search for "what is easiest" vs. "what will help the small business make an impact, conquer the world and change the community".

Avoiding the easy and taking on the difficult is a sign of commitment, sacrifice and courage.  While others talk about what needs to be done, the real message is in tackling the tough tasks at hand and offering proof.

People aren't stupid and won't be much impressed when they see someone do it the easy way.  Take the extra steps when everyone else has given up. 

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