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The Truth is Out There


If you believe in something enough, you will risk your very reputation to hit the mark, accomplish a goal and achieve success.  You may believe your idea is worth a million dollars or possibly believe that "everyone" is out to get you.  Your may believe that you can sell 10 million widgets... though you have not yet sold even one.

The truth is out there and you want to believe... 

But first, human beings typically learn what to do next by following the crowd.

Following the crowd can lead to:

  • Emulating others without much commitment to see what happens next.
  • Following orders from a boss/teacher/parent, hoping for the best.
  • A realization that following the crowd does not create success.
  • A reputation for being the "same as everyone", which is difficult to shake.

As you consider what you want believe,
you might find the thoughts below helpful. 

I believe:

  • Character is more important than skills and talents when people consider wither to buy from you or collaborate.
  • Results are a symptom of doing work... and someone has to do the work.
  • Success is not based on inventory size but on how many people you touch and over satisfy.
  • Failures are based on issues with either skill or will. 
    i.e. "I don't know how" or "I don't feel like doing it".
  • While fear will impact willpower, hope can overpower fear.
  • Success breeds success.  Create little successes quickly.
  • Everything seems difficult the first time around. 
    (Even things that appear very easy.)
  • No one person achieves success on their own,
    including solopreneurs or super-managers.
  • Respect and cooperation are based on character and your actions,
    not on what you say.
  • Every small business owner needs 500 friends (true friends).
  • Your character trumps skills when people decide to buy from you.
  • A focus on making their day first... by offering value is more effective than showing the catalog.
  • Speed to market and personalization are key components in an effective strategy in the new world of media and technology.
  • Go beyond marketing strategy and tactics. Create a better connection to understand beliefs, habits and mindsets.
  • "I tried that once, it didn't work so I won't do it again" is giving up based on an imaginary roadblock.
  • "I feel uncomfortable" is a temporary condition.
  • There is no such thing as expert marketers, only experienced marketers who are expert testers.

  • Introductions and invitations change the world - successful people make more. 

Many believe they can talk to the same people every day and something will change. There are folks who believe that sooner or later prospects will buy if they hound them enough until they die or buy.

You might take a different path and make more introductions to meet new people who will then help you to conquer the world and change the community. 

You can call it "marketing". I will call it "making an invitation" and will make more to try, buy, share, invest, collaborate, help, etc.

Today is a good day to make more introductions and invitations.
... even the phone still works.

Before you dial remember:  "Don't just sell.  First, make their day."


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