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Use Adjectivity to Entice and Inspire

To persuade, you emphasize and wave your arms. To influence you might spin the story a bit farther than the truth.  To entice, use more adjectivity by including adjectives in titles, headlines and your helpful content.

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Catching Fish With Strawberries and Cream

They look the other way, ignore your Facebook page, delete your email without reading and discount your interview. While your business is appears to visible, it might be intentionally ignored in the new world of media.

You take it personally because you took hours picking the exact photos for your website, the faucet for your AirBnB rental, the perfect font for your landing page. Perfection is ignored and it is all personal.

In reality, there is little seperation betweein personal and business.  This blur between personal and business warps our judgment and what appears to be so important may not be so.

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Three Things to Know About Snapchat for Business Marketing

Today’s small business owners all share a common goal: to get more for their dollar and find the best strategies for small business marketing.  A newer app in the marketing world is Snapchat.  This app is much more than a simple photo and video sharing app. Since its debut in 2011, it primary use has been for fun, but Snapchat is evolving into a marketing tool that has a lot to offer businesses. Marketers who strive to find an out-of-the-box way to reach their target audience, especially those with a younger demographic, are especially seeing the benefits of using the app.  It’s the marketing wave of the future – 77 percent of college students are using Snapchat to send 400 million messages daily.

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The Best Free Press Release Sites to Spread Your Message

In a previous article, I have shared over 50 different free press release sites.  Instead of a large list, you need a more specific solution.  While it is difficult to point to any one free press release site as a clear winner, websites such as has been raved about even though it only has a PageRank of 3., is another free press release site that stands out.  You can find it on the list below which shows the best opportunities.

Included on the "best list" is  You appreciate this resource because it allows links, tagging and branding for free.  

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Pink Bat - Turning Problems into Solutions for Business Success

The Pink Bat Movie by Michael McMillan is a whiteboard video.  

Michael McMillan is not selling a book, he is promoting an idea.  He teaches concepts found within the book and will leave you wanting more.  Instead of a pitch about the book, he spends the time on the topic at hand:  "Do you see problems or do you see solutions?" 

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The 3 Biggest Sins of Building Business Relationships

Success…how bad do you want it?  My guess would be probably be pretty badly.  Business success is founded on the concept of building and maintaining relationships with other business people. 

Relationships hold a real value when it comes to business practices.  A recent network survey by the Referral Institute of over 12,000 business professionals from all over the world said that networking played a role in their successes -- and spent 6.3 hours every week in activities related to networking.  So what are some business relationship blunders you should avoid?  We recommend steering clear of these three big sins of building business relationships:

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The Top 10 Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone

"It's Not All About Me: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone" - Robin Dreeke

I know exactly what you are looking for: 

More cooperation, more people listening to you, more respect, more people saying 'yes' and more obedience from your kids (if you have kids).

The world gets more difficult to manage because those you come in contact with are more likely to hold the hand out with palm up with the hope of getting something. What you hope for is more people extending a hand as a greeting. 

No need to look further because Robin Dreeke is here to help you build a quick rapport with others.  Robin isn't just any basement author who wrote a book about a few ideas.  Robin Dreeke was in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s elite Counterintelligence Behavioral Analysis Program (BAP).  As you read his bio, you will see that he was tasked to recruit spies. 

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How to Nurture Business Relationships

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you already know how important networking is to the life of your business. But it’s not just about creating relationships with key individuals, other businesses, customers, and vendors. Your ability to foster and maintain these relationships is what will set you up for the growth and long-term success you crave. So what should you be doing after the initial conversation, elevator speech, business card swap and handshake?

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Consumers Say They’re Not into Personalized Marketing Messages

Once it becomes obvious that personalization has impact, creating software and automated tools to appear more personal just have to be built.  Since Facebook and Linkedin are large personal information farms, everyone is sure to receive new personal messages as if they are your next door neighbor.

It appears though that people are either smarter than that or they simply have little patience for shallow and insincere messages.

Marketing Charts article reviews the data in a recent study about how customers say "What ever" to personal messages.

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Diffusion of Innovations - Who buys your products, why and when

The discussion about predicting human behavior as to how and when people buy is often diverted to the Diffusion of Innovations. 

Diffusion of Innovations is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures.  How and when people buy products or services is thought to be affected by this theory. Everett Rogers, a professor of rural sociology, popularized the theory in his 1962 book Diffusion of Innovations.

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Unlocking Generational CODES by Anna Liotta

Whether you’re a Traditionalist, Baby Boomer, Gen Xer, or Millennial (Gen Y), Unlocking Generational Codes by Anna Liotta will change how you perceive others and enhance your relationships with everyone you know.

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List of 64 Press Release Topic Ideas to Overcome Brain Fog

Press releases should be a part of any marketing plan.  Press release services come in many shapes and sizes from free to big money for distribution.  Before considering distributing a press release, it has to be written.  Stay aware of daily activities, plans and accomplishments... what are likely to be newsworthy.

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