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The best free press release sites to spread your message

In a previous article, I have shared over 50 different free press release sites.  Instead of a large list, you need a more specific solution.  While it is difficult to point to any one free press release site as a clear winner, websites such as PRUrgent.com has been raved about even though it only has a PageRank of 3.  OnlinePRnews.com, is another free press release site that stands out.  You can find it on the list below which shows the best opportunities.

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The Reality of Using Automation and News for Ranking and SEO

A common question is related to using content that already exists elsewhere and automatically feeding it into a website.  Press releases are one such resource people believe that using an automated system which adds content to their website will get them more SEO juice and rank better on Google.

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How to Optimize a Press Release for Inbound Marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing Checklist and PR for Getting Known

Here is a potential checklist for getting known.  Inbound marketing is not an exact science but guerrilla marketing does work 100% of the time if executed well.

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Free Press Release Websites Called a Waste of Time in Email

You are about to invest in hours of work and distribute a free press release to every one of the 54 free press release websites I shared with you previously.  You are already counting the money and wondering about vacation.  How good will business get?  Let's take a look at the other side of the coin.  Could it be it is a waste of time to do free press releases?  What is PR Worthy?  

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Press Release Tips for Small Business

Time to think about the press release option again.  If you wonder "What if I was to do a press release about my business?"  "What is the 'best in the world' in my product or service?"  "What is it about the business this week that is new, exciting, wonderful, ground breaking?  What is news-worthy?"  What will happen to the perception of your business?  Is is the usual stuff?  Or is there that little something you just have to share?

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List of 54 Websites for Free Press Release Distribution Service

Take advantage of the opportunity with this list of free press release websites and distribution services at least once a month on the internet.  Some might view a press release as "marketing" while others view it as "education" or "information".  Regardless, if you do something worth shouting about in your business, then do so!  Press releases keep the world informed and possibly...improve the chances of getting found.

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