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Elements of Making a Company Story Video that Wins Your Customer’s Hearts

Nowadays, in a post-social-networks world, making your company and brand feel relatable to your customer base is much more than just a boon. It is a necessity.

Regardless of your commitment to social media strategies and overall marketing approach, producing content that reflects your company as engaging, empathetic, and responsive, is something your marketing team should be (and probably is) actively pursuing.

Why? Because audiences are more likely to do business with you when they feel like they know your company and brand on a more personal level.  

Your customers may know what you offer from an explainer video or other sort of content.

But if they feel like they understand (and relate to) what your company stands for on top of that, they are a great deal more likely to engage with it and come back for more later. So, the question becomes how to go about doing just that?

The goal is to tell a story.

The goal is to humanize your brand. Put the values that motivate you and your teams in front of your customers for them to connect.

The best way to hit all those targets in the least amount of time?

…company story videos.

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As a Leader and Expert, Why Are You Giving Away Your Face?

If you are a leader in your universe, why are you showing the world where you are at any particular day or time?  Each time you sign up for a new event, your face shows up as an attendee which distracts others from YOUR mission and expertise.

If a leader then puts your face in a place where the presenter is marginal in performance with the topic they preach & teach, does it not reflect back on you?

As a leader in your field, you will be tempted to create the "Oprah Effect" by joining everything online and spreading your presence far and wide.  Over time your face will become very recognizable and you may be hoping people will feel comfortable and reach out to you. 

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