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Website Pop-ups - Do they align with the inbound marketing ideology of not being obtrusive?

Before I share with you a great pop-up tool, let's talk about that party at your home.

When you have a party at your home... you greet people personally, with enthusiasm, and make special offers to ensure their comfort.

  • You provide service, take their coat, offer something to drink and celebrate their arrival.

In a sense, you "pop-up" into their face and it is accepted and appreciated. Your offers are helpful and the intent is obvious.

And then came the website page - where Internet marketers are about "getting" more.


It is not the pop-up that people may find obtrusive, it is the many pop-ups with an intent to "get" and who think of you as a number in a stack of data.

There are pop-ups which offer hospitality - though they are rare.

So yes, a pop-up can be a part of an inbound marketing strategy when they offer relevance and helpfulness.  (Also, some say 'timing is everything')

Unfortunately, just as used car salesmen have a bad reputation, so do pop-ups. There is immediate resistance and instant push-back because of reputation and viewers assume the worst.

If you want to test your own system, check out Their specialty is pop-ups. If you have a mindset of hospitality, you can gain an advantage. It is not the tool that becomes annoying, it will be your intent and how you use the tool.


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