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Why I Love TheBrain for Business, Personal & Fun

When talking with someone about business, I can attach a page inside TheBrain which includes marketing, planning, brainstorming and presenting.  It is more useful for business than a Swiss Army Knife.

youownarestaurantpersonalbrain resized 600

I can put frogs in the background of TheBrain.

guerrillamarketingbrain resized 600

I can have many brains.  (They say two heads are better than one; then many brains must be better!)

Photos, websites, html, text, tags, links are not all I can put into TheBrain.

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TheBrain helps me take notes and pass tests.  (Its search tool is instantaneous.)

I don't have to remember anything once it is in one of TheBrains.

This of course relieves stress as the information is always at my finger tips.

michaelhartzellpersonalbrain resized 600

TheBrain can be shared by zipping it up and sending a file to somone. 

Having TheBrain is more than a mind map, more than an organizer.  It is a place to keep and organize thoughts, have a meeting, create a plan, write a book, and the pro version even helps to creates a website.

TheBrain is a software program.  It is free.  There is a pro version that expands even more.  TheBrain can be used at the simplest level or be used with hundreds of links as a database and teaching tool.

As with anything new, there is a small learning curve.  With webinars every week online, the masters show how to use TheBrain. 

This is a program I will never give up.  After 90 days of the free version, I upgraded to the pro.  One of the best buys I have made.  

Do you want to see how it works?

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