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Don’t Leave The Airport Without These iOS Apps

Anyone who has ever traveled on business knows that unique brand of anxiety that comes from being away from the office for extended periods of time. Sure you can call the office to check and make sure the place hasn’t burned down or you can send an email just to check in, but there is still a disconnect. Thankfully there are plenty of iPad and iPhone apps that allow travelers to stay connected to their office, even from across the globe. Here are a few of the best:

Dropbox – Free for basic service

You’re probably familiar with this cloud storage service. Dropbox makes it unbelievably simple to add and edit documents on your office’s server remotely. The service stores all these files so that they don’t take up valuable space on your device. Need to access a PowerPoint slide that’s not on your iPad? Go into Dropbox and get it. This is the best way to put all your important documents at your fingertips while saving space.

Office 2 HD - $7.99

iPads are not capable of running Microsoft Office but with this handy little app, you’ll be able to edit all your important office files. The service handle the standard .doc and .xls formats beautifully and also saves your files to your preferred online store site (such as Dropbox, mentioned above).


This app will be especially appreciated by anyone who has ever missed a flight due to changes in arrival/departure time. Flightboard provides real-time info about 4000 airports and 1400 airlines across the globe. This could literally make the difference between you getting on the flight to that important meeting and sitting stranded in the Denver International Airport for five hours.

WiFi Finder – Free

Gone are the days of wondering down streets looking for signs in coffee shops and book stores that say “Free WiFi.” This handy app allows users to search a database of more than half a million free and paid WiFi spots in 142 countries. In the mood for a cup of joe? You can customize your search to show results in coffee shops, airports, libraries and even beaches.

Next time you have to set out for a business trip, make sure that your device is stocked up with all the necessary tools to keep you connected to the office. And since you’re clearly going to be working very hard, maybe throw on Angry Birds for those times when you need to decompress and de-stress.

Author's bio:  Logan Baker is a guest author who helps people find the right private air charter. He likes to fly out of Teterboro when he travels.

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