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A Five Star Lunch as Your Secret to Success

A “Five Star Lunch” is one method to gain an advantage with growing a successful business without deep pockets.  A “Five Start Lunch” is an opportunity to have top advisors sit at your table who will provide you with answers to questions you have not yet thought to ask.  A “Five Start Lunch” provides the resources by which any entrepreneur who desires success can be inspired, motivated and educated.

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The Web Tools Guy - Miles Austin

Miles Austin is The Web Tools Guy. Miles Austin is also a sales and mobile marketing technologist with an extensive tech sales and leadership background.  Miles is great at taking the essence of the sales process and finding a software tool to improve its effectiveness. Miles will remind you in his training that prior to selecting the best web tool it is important to look at processes.

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Taking the Time to be Strategic - Business Success Tip by Mike Brice

Today Mike Brice from Brice Consulting is our guest and raises the point about the importance of strategic leadership. Mike Brice is a trusted advisor with a long history of creating success.

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