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ERP Questions Answered and a Move to Cloud Computing

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At what point does a small business owner get questions about ERP software answered?.  (Enterprise Resource Planning Software)  ERP software is NOT simply accounting software.  With enterprise software, business leaders attempt to analyze the business quickly with one commonality in reporting.  To get the questions answered about enterprise resource planning software, we have turned to the expertise of Gerry Poe. 

Gerry Poe is the CEO of Santa Clarita Consultants and has been helping businesses take complete control of all facets of their planning and management for over two decades.  As a SYSPRO partner for 24 years, there is little that Santa Clarita Consultants have not seen when it comes to enterprise solutions.  As I ask Gerry Poe questions about ERP software from the perspective of a small business or entrepreneur who has a tight budget and needs a quicker learning curve, I am hoping to hear about NEW solutions and NEW paradigms vs. the old version. 

Along the way, I stress that the ability to move quickly, adapt easily and have software work for the team vs. the other way around, and to do it on a tight budget vs. the old days of investing huge sums of money are important for the small business owner.

Gerry Poe gave a presention to an APICS group and made a special emphasis about "antique ERP" vs. the modern cutting edge ERP software solutions.  Since ERP Software is now three decades old and is no longer considered "new', it was important to show the more efficient and less costly methods for managing a business.  

"There is now a tarnished history of the ERP industry" Gerry says.  "Business leaders are concerned about getting what they need, when they need it, that it actually works as defined, and the poor history with code-and-wait cycles."

"These concerns are absolutely valid concerns.  Why would business owner want to graduate from the checkbook style of accounting like Quickbooks to a more robust and powerful software program when such concerns might have validity?"

Gerry will tell you that what a business owner expresses aloud is only the tip of the iceberg. 

Few will share the unstated frustrations about cost overruns that have marred the ERP industry for decades:

erp questions To move from a basic dysfunctional business software system to ERP has many with a high fear of commitment. 

erp questions The expectations of actualizing are low.  The low expectation feeds more failure into results.

erp questions The faith in solutions to perform as defined is almost nonexistent.  Disbelief and doubt in a team is unhealthy.

erp questions ERP, for many, is a necessary evil they must endure and change or addition to be avoided, if possible.

erp questionsInstead of seeing a new ERP software system as the knight in shining armor it is intended to be, it is viewed as a large suit of armor due to being heavy and cumbersome. It offers security but not much flexibility.

Gerry's company is about creating business success: 

"I see the ERP software implementation challenge is to show without doubt that it has very high value. 

Streamlining communication, improving cash flow, better scheduling, tracking inventory, offering the best customer service with an integrated CRM are but a few of the benefits. 

What we need is an ERP-Revival-Tent Event… to give hope and share the new cutting edge software solutions."

This can be a reminder of the metaphor:  You can put a Stradivarius in the hands of a novice but the instrument will not make music unless you have a master to show the way.

Syspro software appears to be the Stadivarius of ERP Software with it's long history.  Gerry Poe and his team are the masters of the ERP music and have expertise with implementing new systems based on the needs of the team vs. forcing them to follow the software.

What is impressive:

21st Century ERP software for planning and management in the cloud at a fraction of the cost vs. the antiquated ERP sytems.  Mobile phones, iPads, Tablet PC can now make software sing.

Build a system based on modules.  This flexbility to tailor a system based on the type of business enhances the potential vs. putting the business in a box.  "Do what the sofware says" is replaced with "What would you like the software to do?"

Scalable.  Whether the business grows or shrinks, an ERP system in the cloud gives the business peace of mind for the future.  No longer will updates and programming be a cause for grief. 

If you have been waiting for technology to catch up before upgrading to a sleek and affordable ERP software in the cloud, the time has come.  Tomorrow has become today.

Reach out to Gerry Poe and Santa Clarita Consultants for any ERP questions.  Learn how to take control of your business planning and management functions (on your iphone).

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