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Throw Away the Old Spreadsheet, Try

What may be better than a spreadsheet is  You often ask why it's difficult to use a spreadsheet on your iPad or PC Tablet.  (Think Smartsheet)  You don't want to be limited to data and software on your one computer.  (Use Smartsheet online)  To share your valuable spreadsheet online with others and control access, add Smartsheet to your toolbox.

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Is It Time to Buy a Business Phone?

Startups and small businesses often use personal phone lines for business use when they’re first starting out. While this may seem like the easiest and most cost-effective solution for your early months, you could be doing more damage to your business than you think. Having a business telephone can build your brand and help manage calls when you’re off in investor meetings or visiting clients. As your business begins to get off the ground and you’re considering a business telephone, you might be asking yourself a few questions.

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Mars Landing via a Live Online Streaming Watched 11.5 Million Times

Will the Internet soon be on Mars?  NASA Television in High Definition on UStream has already been viewed over 11.5 million times and as of this moment, there are over 138,000 viewers watching the high definitiion stream via UStream.

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Beware of Free Conference Calling Services

Free conference calling services are great addition to any guerrilla marketing plan.  For being exposed to a couple of ads when you set up a call, you can run a telephone conference with your prospects, contractors, or employees.  However, there are some downsides you may not be aware of as the host of the conference call.

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Switching to VoIP for Your Business - Here's What You Need To Know!


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How Graphene Will Make Computers 100X Faster - Ainissa Ramirez

Computers could run 100 times faster in the near future.  Old pencils have a new twist.  It is not "lead" in those pencils, it is graphene. 

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Skype vs TokBox

Do you have a question about whether Skype, Tokbox or Facetime is best?  To communicate long distances video chatting is helpful if you need to have a sense of body language.  By using a video cam, the person on the other end knows whether the listener is engaged or reading a book.  Which is the best tool for communicating? 

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One Atom Thick Graphene Discovery Changes the Future of Business

Graphene, the strongest and thinnest known material in existence, is 100 times stronger than steel.  Its discovery six years ago won University of Manchester professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics.

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