Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Restaurant Marketing Idea: Serve Addictive Foods

In the article on TLC:  Top 5 Most Addictive Foods  by Debra Ronca you will read about how humans have an 'addiction' to certain kinds of foods.  After reading the article, restaurant marketing ideas immediately come to mind.

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20 Strangest Restaurants Around the World

Have you ever been to a strange restaurant where you are so perplexed that even bad service would not keep you from sticking around to see more?

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Crazy Restaurant Marketing Idea: Forget About the Restaurant Menu

How long has your restaurant menu been in place?  How in touch are you? Is your restaurant menu old and tired?  Does it meet the real need of the guests?

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The Five Minute Bite


The definition of "The Five Minute Bite".

A bite of food so good, so scrumptious, so amazing that the person taking the bite wants to sit and savor it for at least five minutes.  Not even the next bite from the same plate can interrupt the sheer pleasure of the flavors, texture and smell.

There are occasions when The Five Minute Bite will also cause the person eating to make loud appreciative noises, with big smiles and head nods.

The Five Minute Bite is so wondrous that it will provoke a fearful thought:

I wonder if this will only happen this one time? Will there be more?

Creating The Five Minute Bite can become part of a restaurant marketing plan.

Is it possible to take standard, ordinary food from the restaurant food vendors and create a memorable delight?

If so, people will return, become raving fans and share with the world about their experiences. 

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Simplify Menu Management by Leveraging New Technology

What is Menu Management?
The restaurant industry is notoriously selective about adopting new technologies. Only truly revolutionary, business-building tools are worth the investment to integrate in a busy restaurant. Menu management service is one of those game-changing technologies. The core concept is to shift all of a restaurant’s menu needs - designing, updating, printing, distribution - onto a web-based platform.

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Hot Chocolate Sticks - The Movie

Hot chocolate sticks are more than an idea and one which should have any restaurateur raising an eyebrow.  Instead of going more generic with the lowest cost products available from your food supplier (Which are offered and served by every other restaurant on the street), be inspired by the amazing and awesomeness of  This video is about Hot Chocolate Sticks (For which I give two thumbs up) but in reality it is a video to keep you thinking with more imagination for how to connect with the guests by offering something memorable with more restaurant marketing ideas.

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Vegans are 83% Female, Single and Unmarried [infographic]

Who are vegans?  If you know the answer to this question, you know exactly how to createe your marketing campaigns.  The data shows that when you meet a vegan, 83% will be female and most have no children and are not married. 

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Menu Covers for Restaurants 101: Basic Terms and Concepts

Restaurant marketing happens at every point of contact and menu covers can play an essential role when connecting with guests.  Becky and Ron Armstrong offer a guest post which gives you essential information about menu covers.  Read on as Becky and Ron share their wisdom:

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Digital Signage and Menu Boards

Is signage a part of the restaurant marketing plan or simply looked upon as another piece of equipment?  Are menus in a restaurant a functional tool or a powerful marketing tool to influence, persuade and grow sales? 

Investing in new restaurant signs and menus can be a costly investment and difficult at times to measure the return on investment.

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All Day Free Taste Test

A high impact restaurant marketing campaign must have the restaurant team not only cooperative but also enthusiastic.

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Restaurant Marketing Idea with a 60 Second Time-Lapse Video

Open your mind to the next restaurant marketing idea.  This marketing idea uses video.  The video can be of the exterior area of your community (with your restaurant included).  If you prefer, it might be for a dinner plate which starts empty and then becomes a masterpiece from your menu.

How will your video be remarkable in such a way that your guests will share it? Can you educate, inform and make them SMink = Smile and think at the same time?  

A marketer's wish:  "How can I get someone to say the name of my restaurant?"

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Function Food Restaurant Marketing

Function food restaurant marketing requires high local traffic, big signs, speedy service and the basics in place for execution.  Large portions doesn't hurt for customers who worry more about volume than flavor.  (Sad but true.)

Function food is for people who eat simply to refuel the body and think very little about what they are spooning into their mouths.

Just make sure it's not terrible"

"As long as you aren't rude"

"Short lines are better because I am in a hurry"

... are thoughts that hurry-up guests may have rambling around in their heads. 

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