Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Restaurant Marketing Idea with a 60 Second Time-Lapse Video

Open your mind to the next restaurant marketing idea.  This marketing idea uses video.  The video can be of the exterior area of your community (with your restaurant included).  If you prefer, it might be for a dinner plate which starts empty and then becomes a masterpiece from your menu.

How will your video be remarkable in such a way that your guests will share it? Can you educate, inform and make them SMink = Smile and think at the same time?  

A marketer's wish:  "How can I get someone to say the name of my restaurant?"

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Restaurant Marketing for Birthdays with Video

Anyone can serve a slice of cake with a candle.  Restaurants should not miss an opportunity to include a celebration whenever possible.  A restaurant offering a flaming candle sushi, special writing with sauce over a plate or Panda Bear oranges, this is a restaurant going above and beyond expectations.

A true story. Watch the video:

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