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(updated 8/10/2015) 

Free Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting Tools

  • Business Plan for a Startup Business
  • Business Plan for an Established Business
  • Start-up-Cost-Worksheet
  • New Manager Change Checklist
  • New Restaurant Opening Checklist
  • Break-Even Analysis Spreadsheet Template for 12 Periods
  • Break-Even Analysis Spreadsheet for 13 Periods
  • Hourly Restaurant Tracking Form for Food, Beer & Wine Sales   

Free Evaluations, Checklists, Inspections, Audits

  • Weekly Snapshot - Pizza Restaurant
  • SOS Compliance Audit Report Form
  • Food Cost Audit Checklist Form Spreadsheet

Free Marketing Planning Spreadsheets

  • Marketing Plan Spreadsheet blank template 
  • Marketing Calendar Spreadsheet for 2015 
  • Door Hanging Analysis Spreadsheet Template
  • Direct Mail Analysis Spreadsheet Template
  • Weekly Marketing Assignments Schedule
  • Door hanging Flier for Budgeting and Planning
  • Restaurant Marketing M.A.D. Log
  • 21 Point Website Critique

Free Business Schedules, Action Plans

  • Labor Productivity Budget Grid Spreadsheet
  • Weekly-Schedule + Projections Form
  • Weekly Schedule Form - Staff & Management
  • How To Calculate Employee Turnover Rate
  • Schedule - Budgeting Spreadsheet Template

Free Human Resources, Forms & Spreadsheets

  • Time-Management-Tool-7-Habits-Style
  • Free Human Resources forms & templates
  • Free employee handbook template **
  • Free employee handbook receipt **

Free Restaurant Lease Forms

Caution:  Be sure to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable about your business and the laws for your state / locale.  These links are for reference to get you started.  They are not a replacement for an professional.

IRS Restaurant and Bars Forms and Publications

Forms (IRS)

Publications (IRS)

Refer to the Small Business Forms and Publications section for a comprehensive list of all forms and publications related to small business.

** found on by FormNett®. Prior to using these forms, please consult with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of the applicable jurisdiction and the specific intended use of those forms.

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