Awesome Restaurant Marketing Ideas!

Man Puts 21 Live Scorpions in His Mouth for World Record (video)


What type of restaurant marketing will it take to get you on the map?  How about putting 21 live scorpions in his mouth for a world record?  Think of all the free marketing you will get should you be number one!

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Online Ordering Systems to Rock Your Restaurant Marketing

Today we will review online ordering service options and a strategy to improve your potential for business by using the latest technology available.

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Restaurant Marketing Idea: Serve Addictive Foods

In the article on TLC:  Top 5 Most Addictive Foods  by Debra Ronca you will read about how humans have an 'addiction' to certain kinds of foods.  After reading the article, restaurant marketing ideas immediately come to mind.

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International Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is celebrated the first Saturday in February and originated in Rochester, NY and created out of sheer winter boredom 50 years ago in the 1960s.  Florence Rappaport, a mom in Rochester, NY. decided it was time to give her kids sometihing to look forward to, other than another day of gray skies and snowfall. So, she created this day with her two young boys. The exact year of the first ICFBD is unrecorded, but it is speculated to be 1966, when a huge blizzard hit Rochester in late January, dumping several feet of snow on Rochester and shutting down schools.  When the siblings grew up, they held parties and introduced the tradition to friends while in college, and the tradition began to spread.

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Crazy Restaurant Marketing Idea: Forget About the Restaurant Menu

How long has your restaurant menu been in place?  How in touch are you? Is your restaurant menu old and tired?  Does it meet the real need of the guests?

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Low Tech Restaurant Marketing


Restaurant marketing with low tech is very effective.  With tools as simple as "a card, a pen and a friend", you can have a very high rate of return.

The downside for personalized marketing is that it takes time. 

Compare two marketing options:

  • 20,000 fliers distributed with a 1% redemption = 200 responses.
  • 2,000 personalized cards with a 15% redemption =300 responses.

How this will pay off in sales dollars will depend on the average transaction amount and if there are discounts included.

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The Five Minute Bite


The definition of "The Five Minute Bite".

A bite of food so good, so scrumptious, so amazing that the person taking the bite wants to sit and savor it for at least five minutes.  Not even the next bite from the same plate can interrupt the sheer pleasure of the flavors, texture and smell.

There are occasions when The Five Minute Bite will also cause the person eating to make loud appreciative noises, with big smiles and head nods.

The Five Minute Bite is so wondrous that it will provoke a fearful thought:

I wonder if this will only happen this one time? Will there be more?

Creating The Five Minute Bite can become part of a restaurant marketing plan.

Is it possible to take standard, ordinary food from the restaurant food vendors and create a memorable delight?

If so, people will return, become raving fans and share with the world about their experiences. 

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Wisdom and Deep Thoughts to Change a Restaurant's Reputation

The reputation of your restaurant depends on training and on your leadership, which is directly influenced by your beliefs.  The widgets and tools online are only a means to reflect the best of your products and service.  In truth, what the restaurant team believes in becomes the foundation of a reputation.  The perfect slice served as if the the guest is royalty becomes a sharable experience.

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Unusual Marketing With Loyalty Programs [infographic]

Loyalty program options for marketing a restaurant have leaped ahead faster than any restaurant owner can possibly understand.  While the opportunity for anyone to have a loyalty program grows, consumers (guests) have a dim view of loyalty programs since 93% believe they are more a marketing tool and not truly intended to be a benefit to them.

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Hot Chocolate Sticks - The Movie

Hot chocolate sticks are more than an idea and one which should have any restaurateur raising an eyebrow.  Instead of going more generic with the lowest cost products available from your food supplier (Which are offered and served by every other restaurant on the street), be inspired by the amazing and awesomeness of  This video is about Hot Chocolate Sticks (For which I give two thumbs up) but in reality it is a video to keep you thinking with more imagination for how to connect with the guests by offering something memorable with more restaurant marketing ideas.

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Create a Better Gluten Free Restaurant Menu

A favorite restaurant marketing tactic has been to focus on one person in a group with a special diet. Restaurants have new opportunities in the area of gluten free.  The percentage of people who have an intolerance to gluten — about one in 20 — is not high.  Even so, businesses should still go the extra mile in accommodating people who follow gluten-free diets.

Customers who follow gluten-free diets “tend to be a passionate group,” - says Cynthia Kupper who is the executive director of Gluten Intolerance Group of North America.

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How to Use Local Fireworks for Restaurant Marketing

Guerrilla marketers see big opportunities every year when it is time for neighborhoods to celebrate with fireworks.

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